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The moon is shining down in a misty sort of way, it's full of itself and drunk on moonshine. The house is quiet and (relatively) clean. This is the one week out of the year when the things I pick up and put away stay in their places for 7 whole days. This is the one week when no one else dictates my activities or time spent on any given thing: I have free rein! I don't have to think about anyone but me! (at least at home...work is another story entirely)

I don't have to fix meals for anyone but me.

I can hog the bed (though I do miss my Swedish bed-warmer :)

No one else sits down at the computer when I get up for a moment to deal with something else that's called my attention.


Anders and the kids left Sunday morning, bright and early and I went back to bed and slept in. Then I spent the whole day gloriously, giddily, joyously BY MYSELF. I picked things up, I worked on projects, I played solitaire and read my book. I even watched a movie that did not have Captain Jack Sparrow in it! I know! It was GREAT!

I did not tell anyone to quit fighting or take their toys out of the living room. I did not endure groans about the choices of food I was fixing for lunch or for dinner. No one has rolled their eyes at me for 2 days! And this morning I didn't have to nag and chivvy anyone else out the door or make sure they had their homework or piano book or gym shoes or fruit snacks.

Of course, no one is giving me hug bombs, or good night kisses or shoulder rubs when I really need them. No one is wondering when I'll be home. No one is telling me they love me before I turn out the light late at night. But I think I can manage to get through the week, regardless.
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