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Today was full, FULL I tell you! of good things. Though there were a few things missing that would have made it perfect (like a massage and my family returning home, and not missing the phone call from my travelin' bro), I am pretty pleased with the day. And actually since it's after midnight, it was YESTERDAY that was full of good things, and today that is also full of good things because of the last point below.

Meg posts Friday Love Lists and this is a little bit like that, and also just because there is something so solid and cheering about the act of writing down the things that made me happy on this day of all days.

1) Work this week, and indeed this whole month, has been insanely busy and heading into super-stress-head-explosion territory. At the same time, I keep getting pats on the back and compliments on my work and support from colleagues just when I need it. Feeling like I'm doing a good job despite the overwhelming pile of projects going on simultaneously is a nice feeling.

2) It WAS Friday, with 2 whole sleeping-in, all-for-myself days still to go before my loved ones return.

3) Taming and freshening Barky with a new cut and color. Rawr!

4) Getting an awesome parking spot in front of the place I was meeting a good friend at for dinner.

5) Discovering an excellent new (to me) restaurant serving my favorite kind of food. Go on, guess! XD

6) Spending a couple of hours hanging out in a café with my friend, after dinner, talking and listening and talking and laughing and listening and talking some more (with the accompaniment of a cinnamon steamer and a scrumptious rhubarb-raspberry mini-pie)

7) Going to a real live movie theater to see a real live movie on the BIG SCREEN. And man, it was BIG! Or maybe that was because the only seats left were in the front row. I haven't sat in the front row to watch a movie since I was a teenager, and now I remember why. *massages neck* We saw Juno because someone on my flist recommended it recently and when we were looking at the movie listings I pounced on that one and said, "That's it! That's what we're going to see!" and it was GREAT.

8) Payday

9) Finding a couple of excellent new places to hang out online from she from whom all blessings flow.

10) Laughing at the imagined expression on BP's face when she reads #9 and realizes who I'm describing.

11) Being glad for once of the time difference between here and America because I get to be first onboard to wish my dear Christina Rosalie Many Many Happy Returns of the Day! May your birthday be a grand start to a whole new year of wonderful possibilities!
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I, too, missed out on a phone call from your brother. :(
But I,too, went to a movie- I saw "The Bucket List" - which is absolutely great! Even though I'm not a Jack Nicholson fan, he was perfect for the part! I would recommend it to everyone! Plus, a massage -and lunch out at a favorite spot (NOT what I'm sure you ate...thankfully!) so what a perfect day for both of us! Love, Lizardmom

I'm not much of a Jack fan either, but I'll see if I can check it out. I haven't seen that that one is at the theaters here, don't know if I missed it or if it's just late because of translations. I resolve to see more movies this year!

Well, I know what you ate, obviously.
What a great list of GOOD THINGS. I always love these kinds of lists.
I have discovered a book called "List Yourself." In it are prompts for all sorts of self-discovery lists. I am trying to do one each day. I started to proceed from the beginning of the book but now think I need to skip around instead.
I invite you to 'list yourself' whenever you feel like it!
And oh my, Friday Love Lists sound fun. I'll have to pop over there and check that out.

I'm a listy mclisterson! I love lists! I'll have to check out that book :)

a new deity?

hmmm, if I were scatalogically minded (which we all know I am so not) "she from whom all blessings flow" could inspire some rather graphic images of goddesses doing rather human things . . .

but YES my face was something to see when I read that and if you could see me right this second sitting at my laptop which is on the kitchen island with the woodstove warm and cozy behind me and my BEEYOUTEEFUL blue and white platter from sweden over the stove, well, it is something to see . .

bisous, bp

Re: a new deity?

What a lovely image that conjured up! I'm THRILLED I was there (with the platter) and can SEE you in my mind's eye.

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