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Things I am tired of:
  • darkness
  • rain
  • cold hands
  • my daughter's whining
Things that never seem to end:
  • laundry
  • my to-do list at work
  • winter
  • the weight struggle
Things I want to eat but don't have in the house:
  • tempura maki
  • reese's fast break bars
  • my dad's chervil soup (I could make it, though)
  • pie
Things that made me laugh today:
  • an email from a colleague after I solved a problem for him, that said in huge letters: I LOVE YOU!!!!!
  • my son's verbose and swenglish explanation of a game in gym class called spookball
  • the outfit my daughter had on right before bedtime )(pink & blue kitty footie pajamas, a neon yellow safety vest, giant fluffy black spider slippers and a ski buff around her head)
Moods I've been in lately:
  • grumpy for no reason
  • writer's blocky
  • thoughtful
  • really silly
Things that could cheer me up:
  • lots of comments*
  • sushi and a movie
  • a full body massage
  • pie
Things I'm wondering about:
  • who to vote for
  • why I can't get motivated
  • where the time goes
  • whether anyone would come if I planned a game night

It's sleeting sideways.

Karin gave me an excellent backrub while I was reading the bedtime story tonight. I call that a fair return on the day.

Tomorrow is Friday. I have no words for how glad I am about that. Sushi for dinner and the start of The Lord of the Rings marathon. Bring it, Viggo!

mood: weird
music: Matchbox Twenty—How Far We've Come


It's sleeting sideways here, too.

I bet tomorrow morning, the road outside will be an ice-skating rink.


Double bah!

"full body massage" + "pie"... Those things are now running through my head, bouncing off each other, so I get a mental/visceral image of being massaged by giant cherries.

How soon do you have to submit your absentee ballot? Does it have to be done by mail or can you email/fax it? I'm curious--I'd never thought of having to deal with that overseas. And how big does the election have to be for you to bother?

I don't vote in the local stuff, but I'll vote electronically (online) in the primary and the presidential election this year. We also have to mail/fax in the ballot. It's the first year they've had an online vote possibility, though.


The voting is stumping me too. I figured out how to vote in the primaries electronically, patted myself on the back, and then realized that was the easy part. I'm now trawling through youtube watching debates and reading transcripts. At least we have a few more days.

Happy sushi tomorrow!

Julia from kolo

For me, the irrational grumpiness, writer's block, and weight struggle are all part of the winter blahs. (Or, maybe I just use winter as an excuse because I want to subsist entirely on Lindt chocolates. Ahem.) I hope the weekend helps you find your mojo. And how could it not? I mean, LOTR and sushi! If only sushi was that easy to come by here in Italy...

There's hope, it didn't used to be easy to come by in Sweden, I can tell you. 10 years later, it's EVERYWHERE. Where you are you in Italy?? I'm swinging by now to check out your blog :)

We live in Perugia, somewhat in between Rome and Florence. I wasn't sure about the city until I realized that it is the birthplace of Perugina chocolate. Plus, it has underground medieval escalators to get downtown. What more could I want in a city? Besides sushi, I mean?

It sounds totally wonderful :) My husband works for Tetra Pak and he's in Italy several times a year (Modena), but I have YET to be allowed to follow along. *grump*

I'm wondering about the safety vest - was there a good (practical) reason she wore it?

It's dangerous in her bedroom.

Just as I chuckled about your icon.

count me in!

I would TOTALLY come if you planned a game night-- can it be bridge???


Re: count me in!

Shamefully, I've never learned to play Bridge, but I'd be willing to do so, if you teach me! My mom plays :) I play Euchre, though!




hahahaha! They don't have to be young, I'll settle for my husband! :D

oooh. tempura maki - that i could go for. i'd love to go to game night, too.

You'd be very welcome! :D

what kind of pie? lately i would do anything for cherry. with big, fat, plump, juicy cherries. or peach. yummm peach. god... how i want a peach.

Cherry works for me! Or pumpkin. Or blueberry, or strawberry rhubard. Mmmm...pie!


ooh Sushi! Sushi is good anytime! I could eat it 24/7!!!




and i'd love to give you a full body massage... ;-)


LOL! You cutie pie!

Mmmm...pie! :D

Your little icon thingy made me howl with glee. It's sleeting FREEZING rain here. Ugh.

Isn't it hilarious!? No more sleet today, we're back to just plain rain.

Have you seen the spring flowers coming out yet? I promise spring is only 6 weeks away, hang in there!!! Kram

No, but the sun is sort of out today, so I will hug that to my heart as long as I can :)

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