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Approximately 40 minutes into The Two Towers and on the screen Frodo and Sam are leading Gollum by a length of Elvish rope loosely tied around his neck, after capturing him on their way to Mordor. Gollum is writhing and squirming and howling "It burns! It burnsss!" and flinging himself melodramatically to the ground, grimacing and crying and gnashing his teeth.

Anders, Martin and I all literally sit up and look at first Karin and then each other, and then simultaneously burst into laughter. Our own little melodrama queen gazes on, completely oblivious.


What a shitty start to another month at work. I thought January was bad? HA! says February. You ain't seen nothing yet.


I was listening to yesterday, and after typing in an old favorite's name (Wendy MaHarry) I spent the next hour writing down about 20 new (to me) artists with fabulous voices and engaging music as one after the other caught my attention and brightened my surroundings. My music list, like my book list, is 42 miles long. *sigh*


Did I mention that choir has started again? We lost about half our members with the departure of our former choir leader and the long wait during the search for a new one. I like our new leader, though she's not as charismatic or as forceful as Eva was. She has a sense of humor and is very engaging. She's chosen a couple of intricate madrigals to start off the new season; with their bouncy paean to spring and their intertwined fa la las they ought to be the perfect antidote to the boring part of winter that we're in the long stretch of now.


My get up and go seems to have got up and went. Without me.


The very abbreviated, truncated, restrained version of the short list of best beloveds: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, the Outlander series, My Name is Asher Lev, The Agony & the Ecstasy, The Time Traveler's Wife, Watership Down, Little Women, Dandelion Wine, A Little Princess, The Land of Laughs, the Lymond Chronicles, The Pillars of the Earth, The Saturdays, The Door Into Summer, Pilgrimage, Twilight series, Charmed Life, Wicked, The Phantom Tollbooth, Something Rising (Light & Swift), Prodigal Summer, Earthsea series, To Kill a Mockingbird, A Wrinkle in Time, The Light Princess, The Razor's Edge, Beauty, The House at Pooh Corner, The Skook, Anne of Green Gables, Paksenarrion series, American Primitive, Emergence, Falls the Shadow, A Girl of the Limberlost, His Dark Materials series, The Fountainhead, Swallows & Amazons, A Vision of Light, Still Life With Woodpecker, The Sparrow, Where the Wild Things Are, The Tempest, Archangel series, I Capture the Castle, The Hound & the Falcon, Raising the Stones, After Long Silence, Brightness Falls From the Air, the Attolia books, The Importance of Being Earnest, To Say Nothing of the Dog, Bellwether, When & After Worlds Collide, Swiss Family Robinson, Katherine

If you want authors of any of the above, let me know, or a list of always excellent authors. If you want more of a particular genre, let me know that, too. I can recommend books until the cows come home, primarily in these: fiction, historical fiction, fantasy & speculative fiction, children's literature. I tend away from best seller lists, as you might have aready guessed. :)
mood: drained
music: Corrine May—Will You Remember Me


Steven Berlin Johnson is my favorite non-fiction author... I've even been to his book signings. Emergence reinvigorated my thesis and I've been grateful to him ever since.

The Emergence on my list wasn't written by Steven Berlin Johnson :) It was written by David R. Palmer.

Oh, whoops! If you like nonfiction presented in a great narrative style, you might like SBJ's Emergence, or his latest The Ghost Map about the process used to find the cause of cholera in Industrial Revolution era London.

I do, very much! Will check them both out. :)

ive been eyeing the pillars of the earth...any good?

Absolutely excellent.

I see many on your list that I have read, some that are on my "want to read" list, and several I've never run across. I always like book lists.

Love, love, love your icon. :-D

And mmmmmmmmadrigals!

The brain-eating rabbits deserved their own icon! :D


Thank you for the list! Lots of favorites but new ones too, prompting me to do a Powell's hunt. The madrigals sound lovely, though I know how hard it is when a leader goes away. My old choir in SC still talks about a choir leader we had when I was a child ;-).

Julia @ kolo

If you want authors or any other recommendations, let me know. As I said, this was the SHORT list ;)

Wonderful list, Liz. Many that I love and some I'm still yet to discover. I always check whatt you have on your Virtual Bookshelf and admit to snaffling a few titles for my "want to read" list.

I missed several books when it kept crashing on me the past couple of weeks. It works in IE now, though. Hrm. I didn't think you were much into Fantasy or such, and I read so much of that, I'm surprised to hear you say that :)

It's not ALL you read, though I do admit to not particularly liking fantasy (and loathing those damn Harry Potter books!). one series I LOVED was by the Australian writer Lian Hearn, called Tales of the Otari. I borrowed them all from the library and read the lot in a marathon two weeks. :)

*runs off to Amazon to check those books out*

oh liz

I am so sorry to know work has been so yuckstew. But it will pass-- 90% of the time you LOVE work and feel VERY appreciated and well-rewarded. I'm not sure what's going on, but I bet it's just some wanker carrying in their bad energy and stirring crap up.

Put on your pith helmet and soldier it out-- you will prevail!!!

~Winston Churchill, aka bp

Re: oh liz

Aye Aye sir! :D


doldrums. winter doldrums. Is there a more perfect word to describe it? I think not. I mean just say it aloud... dolrums. dolllldrumsss. It come out all Eeyore-ish no matter what kind of lilt you try to tack on to it.

I feel your pain!

But I'm really just popping in here to say I appreciate you. Liz. Just knowing you are out there, in the world, counting your books, planning your next sushi splurge, playing your version of I Spy with Martin, glaring at your work pile, rubbing your sore eyes, the cryk in your neck... possibly at exactly the same time I'm rubbing mine... just knowing you are out there makes me feel better, safer, calmer, better always.

xoxoxo Wee

Doldrums always makes me think of The Phantom Tollbooth. Have you read that?

And I feel the same way, Wee :) Knowing that you're out there makes me feel better, happier, sprightlier, more creative. Truly.

I love that that's the "short list!" A lot of my favorites are on there, as well as many that may soon become my favorites. Do you think my girls will mind if I take a month or two off to catch up on my reading?

Heck, half of those books are ones your girls would probably enjoy! :D

I bought your book!:)

Oh my! Thank you :) I hope you enjoy it :):):)


I thought of you when I found a lovely hardback copy of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek at an antique store - I must take a picture! I do appreciate a good cover. As for Something Rising (Light & Swift) - I just couldn't get into it. I was also rather pregnant, and after awhile I couldn't read anything deep or complicated. I'm sure I will try again - and tonight I bought Mockingbird, a biography about Harper Lee. I've been longing for it!

~ Sam, aka littlesambook, always :)

oooh, that bio sounds yummy! I shall have to add it to my book list. :)

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