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Amazing how Friday comes along all bouncy and sunny and nonchalant; all "what cryck in the neck? what? where? hey! vanilla hearts for Friday fika! Awesome, dude!" and then I got a lot done at work and I left on time and the sun was shining and we went out for sushi and it was gooood and then we went and bought a bunch of junk food and there might have been melty brie and crackers involved and then we...I mean I...oogled Viggo for an hour and a half while simultaneously fending off questions from concerned fellow watchers: "Does he die, mama? Huh? Does he? How about him? Does HE die? And him? He can't die, right, mama? They're all in the third movie, aren't they? Huh? MAMA! ANSWER ME!" I put on a zen face and said, "Everyone dies eventually, my child."

Conversation in the car coming home, full of sushi:
Martin and Liz: (see the long rays of spotlights twirling in the night sky over Lund)
Martin: Hey! What's that for?
Liz: I don't know...maybe a movie premiere or a new nightclub opening or something.
Martin: Maybe they're calling Batman.
Liz: Ha! He's got a long way to come from Gotham City to Lund!
Martin: (musingly) You know, it's better to try and call him when it's cloudy. You can't really see those spotlights when it's this clear.
Liz: Maybe they should try him on his bat mobil.*
Everyone: (giggles madly)
Martin: How come the jokes you make yourself are always funniest?

Nice About Now:
No plans for the weekend!
Sleeping in on the agenda!
Several new DVDs to look forward to!
Brie burps!
Melodifestivalen tomorrow!
Firming up vacation & business trip plans soon!

Sending Huge Heart Hugs to kejn

*mobil, pronounced mo-beel, is the word for cell phone in Swedish
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