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Sometimes, when I wonder where the week went, I worry that one day, when I'm shrunken as a hobbit and curled like an apostrophe with white hair and stout shoes, I'll wake up and wonder where my life went.
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music: Brooke Fraser—What To Do With Daylight


i have been
depressingly so
like that
this past year.

oh change
and slower clocks,

I know what you mean. I was shocked yesterday that we are suddenly 1/6 of the way through this year already. Enjoy each day!

There are days that go so slow I wonder how it seems the next moment that time has passed! But it has and the days and weeks and months are gone. GONE Slow the world downnnnnnnnn.....Please!

When I have reached the "apostrophe" stage of life (love that!), I plan to become a criminal, just to shake things up. :) Seriously, though, I hear you. It's months rather than weeks that get away from me these days, and I'm learning the little things that bring meaning -- saying "yes" to Natalie when practicality urges me to say "no"... stepping out of the house for some fresh air even when I don't feel I have time... writing voraciously to find and preserve the significance of each too-fast day. And those little things, wound up in the process of everydayness, are absolutely life!

(Sorry about the double... uh, triple comments. Thank you, computer.)

Haha! No worries! It happens to me all the time, too :)

I don't want to say that I warned you.....

but I did!

I wonder about that sometimes, what if no matter how hard we could try to cling onto each minute, we're always bound to feel this way? Maybe we're just hardwired to long for some lost moment or feel as if the last years have gone by too quickly.

Or maybe not. :-D

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