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Stupidest Questions at Work Contest
  • Am I bothering you?
  • Are you busy?
  • Are you in the middle of something?
mood: tired
music: none, just me


The answer for all three is yes. Sorry you have had a tired day. Hope tomorrow is better! I'd tell you a joke to make you laugh but I have none and I'm sure any joke I could think of off the top of my head would leave a lot to be desired. ;-)


Tired day? Make that tired week. Make that tired month! year! decade! haha!

duh. You're at work. Well, what are the prizes?

There IS NO PRIZE. Surprise! :P

Oh Darn. I thought maybe you would pinch the winner real hard, or something like that. It was a contest, after all. There should be appropriate prizes. *just joking*
You need some sushi!

And the ever popular,

  • Do you have a minute?

Sending positive thoughts in your direction...

Excellent nomination!

I guess that was the good part about being a teacher and only having students. I did love the all-time dumbest question. After having come 20-60 minutes late, "Did I miss anything?" No we just sit around and waste each other's time until YOU come in.

Do your coworkers not realize you are Ms. Multitasker?!

Or the just as not-clever one...

Did I miss anything important??

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