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I just don't know what to say. All my words seem to have deserted me lately and I've been completely subsumed by work work work work work.

However, today I saw the faintest sheen of green on the trees across the pasture behind us and at the schoolyard on Friday afternoon there were also tiny peridot leaves on the bushes. I've seen little slips of crocus: bright yellow, royal purple, and the wavy zigzags of daffodils planted by the city of Malmö are green shoots about 4 inches high.

The entire winter, while all the rest of my family and friends have been buried under a white blizzard blanket, we've had exactly 4 hours of snow one evening and lots and lots of galeforce winds.

I keep thinking about work, even when I'm not there. This past week was crazy with commitments every evening, and yesterday after I got home I think I turned temporarily into a vegetable. Something leafy and green and very, very sedentary. Then today I ruined it by making the kids go through every toybox and sort and purge and organize. Now there are 9 bags of toys in the hallway to go to the daycare. Along with the 10 bags of books under the front hall table and in our closet, and the 5 bags of recycleables that need to be packed up and carted from the laundry room, this place is looking like baglady paradise.

Tomorrow we are going to Denmark, to the Experimentarium Children's Hands-on Museum outside of Copenhagen. I love those kinds of museum and am still upset that the best one ever, the one that introduced me to this type of museum, the Evoluon in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, closed many years ago. Museums that let you put rubber balls in liquid nitrogen to see what happens when you try to bounce them afterwards, and that let you pull a giant ring of soap bubble up around yourself or that show you that a spinning wheel of rainbow colors turns to white are the best kinds of places to spend a Sunday.

I just wish I didn't feel so out of it.
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The ankle thing must suck...I sprained my foot badly a couple of years ago and it was such a long recovery process, much longer than I expected! It made EVERYTHING more difficult.

Yes, the ankle is tiresome. It is getting stronger everyday, but not fast enough for my liking!

I went to my gym. I put a lace-up ankle brace and put my regular shoe on my good foot and walked around for 5-10 minutes... I could feel my ankle hurting. It's just not ready to be out of the boot. :-(

I did swim too. I did a few laps, floated all around, did my somersaults. LoL Love them! I felt the movement in my whole body and it was great. I even played basketball- tossed the ball against the backboard and tried to catch it ten in a row. I finally did after starting over 3 or 4 times- which helped me move around a lot without putting much pressure on my ankle. :)

My good leg was cramping a bit this morning but it was worth it!

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