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The birthday party went off without any major hitches, and the kids were perfectly okay staying at Katarina's place with her very accommodating babysitter while we were at the restaurant. They watched Cinderella, Lady & the Tramp, and Bambi while we were gone, so I'm pretty sure I overpaid the babysitter since she apparently didn't do much. Oh well, it was last minute, and she did end up with 3 kids instead of 1. The restaurant was tapas, and they were quite good. I agitated to leave pretty early though, since it was a work night and I had the kids out so late, so felt like a bit of a party pooper. Katrina was surprised and happy about the dinner, so that was good. :)

I now have 5 pregnant friends and acquaintances. Here's betting it will be up to 8 before long. 8 seems to be the magic number when it comes to how many people I know are pregnant at the same time. I know that in any large group of women like the AWC, SOMEONE will be pregnant at any given time, but we seem to go in waves (that's the generic we; I'm not included in that group).

Tonight is choir, and the kids are going to Emily's house to watch movies and be spoiled. She keeps saying she needs the practice, leaving me wondering if she won't be one of the ones shortly joining the group I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Work is INSANE today. It was yesterday too, but at least the sun is sort of shining today, and I don't have that barometric pressure feeling on top of things. My nearest colleague, who was here before I started, went on long-term sick leave yesterday for a month due to stress and depression caused by work. She's the 9th person in my company that I know of so far. :( If Bodil and I have to take on her work as well, we'll be numbers 10 and 11.
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Is it just Australia then that has another meaning for the word hump? Though I guess you could say those 5 friends may have indulged :)

hahaha! No, we use that definition too, in fact, probably more often than in the context I used it here, which was "over the hump" and halfway through the week. LOL!

Well, I can tell you I am ONE person that won't be joining the "club"!

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