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If the sky this afternoon had had flecks of pyrite or been interspersed with dark, spidery limonite veining, I could have properly termed it turquoise. Either way, it was BLUE. Blue to the max. It was an awfully nice feeling to look up into that endless blue sea above me when I left work; not a cloud nor a contrail in sight, after the unpromising morning of pouring rain that the day began with.

Things are motoring along here. The week zips by, consumed by work, by sleep, by getting dinner on the table. By running errands and driving to activities and filling the dishwasher. The week is nearly over and sometimes it seems that at the end of it I have nothing to show that I didn't have at the beginning. They all begin to fade into each other, with nothing much sticking out to catch the edges of memory on. No wonder it so often seems like time is flying by when each week is like the one before, with only minor changes to detail.

I think of things to write about and they blow to wispy fragments around my head. Like smoke, they curl and wind upwards. I listen to my children and laugh at the things they say but memory lapes and betrays; when I want it, it's smeared to illegibility by synapses that spark and part.

Sometimes it seems as if anticipating things too far in advance also helps to make time disappear in large chunks. When it is early March and you are looking forward to that trip home at the end of April, when it finally arrives, what will you remember about the month and a half that just passed? Nothing! Because you missed it. You were busy looking FORWARD and not looking NOW. Not that I think it's a bad thing to look forward to things, just that I think it's awfully easy to lose sight of living in the present. Anticipation is like a drug. We get hooked on the excitement of it and then we're always looking forward to our next hit. Probably explains post-project let-down and the feeling of restlessness that so often hits after vacation or a visit we've been awaiting for so long.

All year long, I am on tenterhooks for spring to arrive. Even though we've been scraping windows in the early mornings and shivering in the sudden dive the temperature has taken, there are signs of its gradual and nonchalant arrival. The light tilts daily toward full and I am longing for lilacs and looking forward to short sleeves. Other things I am looking forward to: dinner with the Wonders tomorrow night, sleeping in on Saturday, watching Ratatouille, cat-sitting for brief_therapy. And you? What have you set your sights on?

Edited to add: It's official. Brain gone. Asked pretty much same questions last week, which just PROVES MY POINT.
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I was actually just wondering where you've been hiding this week. With most of my other online acquaintances, a couple of days of silence means they are having a baby :) I'm just looking forward to being _prepared_ to have my baby - knowing that the laundry is done, the bag is packed, the cradle made up and everything else is somebody else's problem.
So it looks like I'm in for a long wait :P

Not hiding, just not writing much. Work has pretty much hijacked my brain completely. And good god, I'm honestly glad that a couple of days silence in my case doesn't mean I'm having a baby! :D I don't envy you the waiting! I hated that part!

I have my sights set on winning the lottery. :D

On a more realistic note, my sights are currently set on getting through one more day, so that I can spend the following four doing absolutely nothing but reading, and snoozing, and catching up on the three shows Fred taped for me over the past couple of weeks because they aired after 10 at night (new prescription turns me into a pumpkin if I try to stay up past 10 p.m. :-P).

Your Spring sounds lovely. *envy envy envy* Trade for my snow?

If you'd asked me a month ago, I would totally have jumped at the chance for some snow. Now, if it comes, I'll be SO MAD.

Time does indeed fly. It seems like only yesterday I was beginning my journey of my ankle surgery. Now, it's four month (count them November, December, and say nothing of partial Oct. and this month!) later!

But I do remember days and weeks that I was so consumed with the now of the moment, that time went very slowly!

Ahhh, and the anticipation you spoke of! At this point it is the sweet syrup sliding out of a maple tree- leading me to a better other words I have job interviews coming up! Yeah!!

Joy :)

Opps! I left out the month of January in my month count. Just proves the idea that we cannot keep more than three thoughts at a time...(not sure who said that or exactly how they said know what I mean, I hope. ;-)

You could ask that same question every week. Especially if we only see you weekly (I should talk.)

I am looking forward to it staying light later and later each day. My goodness it makes a difference in my outlook. And all those flowers to look forward to. Tulips. Oh yes. More daffodils. And daphne! Ah, daphne.
I'm also looking forward to my sister driving down from Portland to see me on Sunday. We are going to take a jewelry class at our local bead store, take a walk if its not raining, and just hang out. Then she'll toodle away, while I try to get her to spend the night, but she won't because she has work on Monday morning and her fiancée/boyfriend (I hesitate to call a man in his midlife a "boy"friend, oh well) ~~he will be awaiting her arrival~ I love my sister. He decided to come down for the weekend to see her, from Seattle, and we already had plans. She didn't change them.


Reminding us to look forward to something, to dig anticipation out and shine it up for others to see - that's a |: repeat worth repeating :|.

I'm looking forward to being in the middle of our prelaunch cocktail party/baby shower in a week (all cleaning and cooking done, friends gathered round, fizzy mineral water in hand and good music on). The small snag of being on partial bed rest makes me really hope my anticipated moment comes true!


Oops, forgot to sign! Anonymous message just above was from julia@kolo.

Looking forward to my parents coming in July.

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