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I walk in sunshine and promise, limbs lengthening and loosening. This is what I see: the tight beginnings of anemone-purple guelder-rose blossoms, the fine and furled celadon fingernails of new lilac leaves, sharp burgundy shoots of peonies thrust above the soil. Tiny clustered peridot pearls along the whip-thin branches of spirea, a fat white-bellied magpie high in a tree; another bouncing over the lawn.

A hedge blushing green, speckled here and there with the plump grey-balled bodies of chickadees cheerily chirping. A conclave of crocuses, communing. Rounded cabochon leaves covering the bank of the creek; water shimmering as it slides smoothly over the claybed. I think of stopping to make mudpies but walk on.

Fat bumbles of soft pussywillows studded on the rising arms of trees and bushes. Warming sun-stroked air tilled and filled with the chorus and glorious trills of small birds: they're praising spring with song and wing.

En jätteBRA dag och många BRA önskningar (fast lite försenat) till Neil and even more bouncing birthday wishes to rearviewmags right on time!
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