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Another weekend whizzes by. But now we have lots of time off to look forward to, as Easter approaches. The kids are off school this week but are at daycare part-time, since mom and dad are working until Friday. Friday is a day off! And Monday? Is a day off! We are not doing anything special for Easter, however, other than coloring eggs at some point, and hiding them presumably. And I need to go shopping for stuff to fill baskets with.

I don't know why, since this has always been a favorite holiday to celebrate American traditions on, that I can't seem to get motivated about it this year. I did managed to snag a bunch of birch branches with bright yellow feathers on them while Karin and I were at the grocery store last week and she planted them very nicely in the flowerpots full of dead fall flowers in the front garden. But I haven't gotten out any other chicky/eggy decorations and don't feel the urge to do so, at all.

Maybe it's because the holiday falls so EARLY this year. It doesn't feel like it ought to be Easter quite yet. Also, wasn't Jesus just BORN a couple of months ago? It's kind of strange, when you think about it, that his birthday is celebrated and then a scant 3 months later we get off work because he died. Or maybe it's because he rose again that we get the time off.

Man, I bet I'm gonna OFFEND someone with this post. Hrm.

This morning I got a wild hare up my ass (if you can't offend them with flippancy about major religious events, do it with vulgar language!) and cleaned out every cabinet in the bathroom. This may not sound like a momentous undertaking to you, but if you knew how long it's been since it was done (*coughsincewemovedincough*) you'd be appalled. Part of my motivation was presumably the desire to go through the toiletries and cosmetics and medicines that I still routinely import from the States and see what was in need of re-stocking due to my impending trip to the east coast.

I checked expiration dates on things and slowly filled a large plastic bag with past-date medicines and other pharmaceuticals to take for proper disposal. A WHOLE BAG FULL. Geez louise. This included stuff that was bought when the children where INFANTS: rubbing alcohol, calamine lotion, etc. I pulled apart packaging and piled cartons and plastic for the bins in the laundry room. I windexed and wiped and organized. I even de-haired brushes. There are 4 medicine cabinets over the sink, and 3 big cabinets under the sink, in addition to 4 large cabinets which hold linens and various and sundry. I even wiped off the TOP of the cabinets, close to the ceiling: that was scary, I can tell you. I was tempted to write my name and the date in the dust and leave it to posterity, but better sense prevailed.

And yesterday I actually MOPPED. I hate mopping. With a passion. Which gives you an idea of how bad it must have been for me to take steps to rectify the disgusting situation. Ick.

In addition to this monumental upheaval and bathroom cleaning orgy, I did all the usual weekend things: sleeping in, watching Melodifestivalen (which is OVER, thank god), reading a really good book, laundry, walking and the additional "joy" of WORKING. I couldn't stop myself. I don't know any other way to keep up right now. None of which leaves me with anything interesting to write about in terms of what I've been up to lately, but c'est la vie. One nice thing that we have been enjoying, however, on top of all the usual, is Hanna's presence. We'll be sad to give her back, but it's obvious that she would rather be home and is missing her folks.

Barrelsful of the Best Birthday Wishes to brief_therapy!
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I really believe mopping was why wall to wall carpet was invented. We have none (the carpet) but sometimes I'm tempted.

Cleaning out bathroom cabinets though, that is much more satisfying!

julia @ kolo

I'm tempted, too. I actually MISS wall-to-wall carpeting! It's coming back in style here, amazingly.

Usually, I tend toward having places like bathroom undersink cabinets that haven't entirely seen the light of day for many a year, but not so at this house. Oh no. My housemate (who is also my good friend and my landlady) has a philosophy and practice of "deep cleaning" everything once a year, so in the summer months when she has extra time off, we clean. It is surely a mixed blessing. But still, there are certain things I just. do. not. do. That would be mopping. I have been known to mop, but it is a detested job and fortunately C doesn't mind doing it. That and washing windows. I can not so easily and cleverly get out of the window washing though. But once a year isn't too bad...

I don't change the car tires from winter to summer or bring down heavy boxes from the attic and so far, I've managed to get out of washing windows in this house too, thanks to the extreme kindness of my inlaws. But I kind of subscribe to the 1-2x per year theory of deep-cleaning myself, usually. It IS a good feeling :)

Birch branches with yellow feathers? Is this something related to the Easter witches tradition?

Bathroom cleaning is my least favorite chore. We're fortunate (sort of) to have a tiny bathroom with no cabinets, other than the one directly under the sink (not even a medicine cabinet), so everything is pretty much stored in the hall linen closet. Much less ugly, psychologically, to clean out a linen closet, than bathroom cupboards. ;-)

It's Swedish, for sure, but I don't think it has to do with the witches :)


Our birch branches arrived this afternoon, fresh from our babysitter's cottage garden! Here we are supposed to hang eggs on them, but I like the idea of feathers too.

julia @ kolo

Neon-colored feathers, very festive! Lots of people are starting to hang eggs from their still-bare trees here, more and more every year, but we don't have a tree (in the front) so I can't be bothered. :)

East coast trip? COME up to VT. Or something. I miss you! And I loved this post. It made me giggle.

I love your comment about Jesus *just* being born. :-) That was my kids' reaction. "They killed baby Jesus!?!"

I've been busy (Liz style) and am sorry I haven't responded to more of your posts. But I've been reading 'em.

BTW, did I tell you how much I love you for recommending "The Tipping Point." LOVE. YOU. I'm part way through "Blink" now.

Ha, my husband and I joke around that we hide Easter eggs because Jesus rose from the dead and might take them. But oh, yes, of course I am offended. :) Congratulations on the bathroom, by the way, AND the mopping! Sometimes I feel like I could have written the exact same post as you, down to the "bathroom cleaning orgy."


When I was little, I wondered if Jesus must have grown up entirely in the time between Easter and Christmas. It seemed preposterous, of course, but you know he's God and crazier things could happen...or not! :)

I'm catching up on posts here, but I'm sorry you've been buried under at work. You deserve a day off, woman!


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