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We've really grown apart lately, but honestly, it's not you. It's me. I never meant for my day job my other relationship real life to become so ALL-CONSUMING, but there it is. And here we are.

I miss you. I'll be back.

I hope. *sigh*


PS. And you, Vern...excuse me, MR. Equinox, you can take your late-spring snow-dump and freezing temperatures and SHOVE THEM UP YOUR POOPSHOOT. *grump*
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Miss YOU!!

Dear lizardek,

This is the Internet. Well, it's actually Ms. Internet's assistant. Ms. Internet is busy too (sigh, does she have to dump it all on me? opps, did I type that out loud? ).

Anyway, please don't worry. Ms. Internet (and I!) do miss you but understand the way life is. DO as you need to do and come back as soon as you can. We'll be waiting for you.

And, we'll leave the light on for you!
Ms. Internet and assistant :)

P.S. You should go look at Joy's art she posted on her blog. :)

Personally, I think this is a very good thing. I can't even tell you how much I am looking forward to a time again when my relationship with the virtual is less important and surpassed by my relationship with the real.

I gave Mr. Equinox a piece of my mind this morning as well. I shook my umbrella at him and said things like, "And you call this Easter weekend?!" I don't think he was very impressed, but at least I fit a bit better. ;)

Much empathy, and many wishes on your behalf for tranquility. Also, an emphatic (albeit selfish) hope that you *are* back at some point, because I do so enjoy your writing!

I know how you feel!

please excuse my absence too, I don´t know what happened, but I thought of you every day too.

doesn't matter

cause I'm gonna see you in a month!



Re: doesn't matter

Me too!!! :) Lizardmom

I had a witty reply, but that flew right out of my head the second I wanted to type it out.


The Internet can wait...coz we'll still be here :)

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