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La la la! Hey there! How are ya? Good? Are you good? I'm good, though I was kinda wondering earlier when I felt that familiar sense of detachment settle around my shoulders like a warm and comfortable shawl. I've been in the process of shrugging it off all evening, however, and it's currently lying on the floor, keeping my feet warm instead.

I had a massage at work today, much-needed since last week just as I knocked on the door for my scheduled appointment she popped her head out with her coat on and made me want to cry by saying how sorry she was but she had to run home: sick kid. "Sick kid! What about my NECK AND SHOULDERS?" I thought, and was instantly ashamed though I did still want to cry. Like her kid couldn't have waited another half hour.


Anyway, in the middle of the massage, I suddenly felt I had to move my head slightly and when I did so, one of the vertebrae in my neck let out a POP so loud that it practically echoed. "Whoa!" she said. I laughed. As long as I can remember I've been able to crack my neck, my ankles, my knuckles, my spine. Once, at work long ago in Chicago, I twisted my head to the side in front of one of our IT guys and my neck went off like popcorn. He was flabbergasted. I was kind of proud of my show-off loudmouth neck, since he was so impressed.

My dad used to regularly crack his knuckles too, in fact, except for my mom (who probably does it in secret, though she'd deny it), my whole family does it. Anders doesn't and he gives me the hairy eyeball every time I crack something in front of him (especially a bad joke). Karin cries out in distress and says sternly, DON'T DO THAT MAMA, but then she proudly tells me when SHE'S managed to crack something, usually inadvertantly, since she's not encouraged to take up the habit-forming practice.

The best kind of hug is the kind that causes my spine to pop in a couple of places, though it happens very infrequently, I'm sad to say.

I've never been too concerned about enlarged knuckles or arthritis (something I worry about for other reasons) since I've seen no signs that cracking my knuckles or back or ankles or neck has caused any physiological changes, plus I've read enough about it to know it's (mostly) an old wive's tale. One online medical study did state that "Habitual knuckle cracking was associated with manual labour, biting of the nails, smoking, and drinking alcohol" which made me laugh, since I am associated with none of those things.

I don't crack my knuckles by lacing my fingers together and stretching my palms outward away from my body. Instead, I wrap the fingers of one hand around a finger on another hand and twist. I can get 3 good pops out of one finger if I'm lucky. Another study online called knuckle-cracking "annoying and asocial" which I found a bit harsh. Annoying, okay, I can see that, but I suspect that most annoyance caused by someone else cracking their knuckles is because so many people have it pounded into them from childhood that they shouldn't do it and those who do must, therefore, be both rule-breakers and rebels of the first degree. For those who do indulge, it tends to give a pleasurable sense of looseness and relief and most people do it unconsciously, so it's certainly not usually done with the INTENTION of annoying others, at least not to start with. But asocial? Give me a break.

Where do you fall in the knuckle-cracking camp? Do you crack 'em or shiver at the thought?
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I'm a cracker. ;-)

that made me laugh!

I'm a happy cracker! Neck, back, knuckles....anything that will pop. hehe It feels soooo gooooood!

It sure doooooooooeeeees! I agree, I will happily crack anything that will pop, all the way down to my toes. ;)

I happily crack my knuckles & one wrist. I get my loving hubby to pop my toes for me - it hurts so good!

My other half was "affectionately" termed Popcorn Boy by his very squicked out college roommate. I believe he is able to crack all fingers, all toes, both wrists, elbows, shoulders, ankles, & knees, his back, his neck, his sternum (ICK!) and one clavicle. Mornings are quite a production for him!

LOL! I can crack most of those things, too, but it's usually just knuckles and ankles and neck that are more frequent. I bet mornings are very musical chez you! :D

I've never typed "crack" so much in a reply before

My body sounds like a bowl of Rice Krispies. :)

I've been a knuckle cracker since childhood; by now I've added wrists, leg joints, two or three toes, and my back. I've read medical articles on joint cracking and all have said there's no known physical effects. The noise is simply air popping out of the joints. Air popped out gets refilled by more air eventually so we get that cracking pleasure replenished!
Trevor cracks his middle fingers in an unusual way - by bending them almost backwards. I often crack those two joints for him and we've gotten some strange looks.

Re: I've never typed "crack" so much in a reply before

You made me change the title of my post - go read it, I bet you laugh!


Oh - I hate that sound! It used to really bother me when your Dad would ask me to pop his back! But, The chiropractor says it's music to his ears! And he adds, it is the air -so no big deal. And, I will confess that my back gets tight now and I pop it during my yoga stretches - and Yes, it feels good.... as then I can move better! Love, Lizardmom

I remember WALKING on dad's back to crack it when I was already a relatively big kid. I don't dare have my kids do it for me, but the idea is sure tempting! :D


I have hyper mobility which means I can do freaky things with my joints. I'm also a crack addict (of the chiropractor-popping variety).

When you hurt and you're so near sweet relief that you can taste it, I don't think you should feel bad about wanting to cry when it appears to be taken from you. It's a good thing you got fixed up though (concert hall neck popping and all).

Whoopsie, that was I. Looks like LJ logged me out.

Yuck. I don't like to be around when someone cracks knuckles or wrists, and odd/ incongruous as it may sound, I Iove to crack my neck, neck/shoulder, sometimes sternum, and sometimes jaw. And if I can get someone to help me crack my back I'm in heaven. Oh, and I used to have a friend many years ago who would pull on my toes and crack them. So why do I cringe at the sound of someone cracking their knuckles?

Maybe because they're usually the loudest and most in succession? :D

I've been cracking my knuckles since I was a small kid. Actually, I used to pull my fingers until it popped, but I was told not to. Nowadays I'd not dare to pull my fingers hard. Neck and shoulders are also fine to crack, not so often spine and I doubt I've ever tried to crack my toes.

All the finger pulling made my fingers very flexible, so I can bend the top ligament almost 90 degrees backwards on index and little fingers. I can form nice, round loops as the index and long fingers are put on top of eachother. In order to do so, I need to cut my (manly) nails rather short.

As a related subject, are you good at snapping fingers? I don't know if it depends on whether you crack your knuckles or not. I can make a very powerful finger snap using my left thumb and long finger, but almost nothing from the other fingers, including my right hand.

Yes, I can snap several fingers on both hands :)

I'm shuddering at your post, but that COULD be partly because I'm simultaneously browing swimsuit possibilities for this summer. (Victoria's Secret needs to start a swimwear line called SexyMama--free stretch mark removal with each purchase!--NOW.) Anyway, I really just hate cracking knuckles when they're mine. You? Have my permission to crack away. :)

Swimsuit possibilities?! *shudders*

I'm a crackily cracker like you: neck, fingers (FIVE ways with each finger - remind me to show you), wrists, back, ankles and toes.

And my Swede is a crack hater so I do it nowadays on the sly.

5 ways!? I bet you could get on Stupid Human Tricks with that one! :D

I crack, pop, and snap fingers, shoulders, neck, back, hips & toes.
Sweet relief, I tell you!

Too late to try stopping now...

I agree! Mmmm.... :D


I am a neck and hip cracker, especially since I've been pregnant!
julia @ kolo

How do you crack a hip?!

Sometimes I on purpose sing the wrong lyrics to Svarte Rudolf:

Se Svarte Rudolf han dansar, han knäcker sin nacke och ler,
han tänker på stormiga nätter i Amsterdams glädjekvarter

In the original lyrics he simply bends his neck while dancing, but if he's a bit stiff, he could just as well crack it and keep on smiling. The second line about Amsterdam makes me wonder if there exists some sexual variant where you try to crack as many joints as possible within the act. ;-)

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