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Oh my god, I am so sad. I just heard the horrible news that our good friends had to put their dog, Chimay, to sleep last weekend, after he suffered a slipped disk in his spine. He was the most wonderful sweetheart of a dog. We had the signal honor of having Chimay at our house for a week about a year and a half ago and have greeted him with proprietary affection every time we've seen him since. This sure put a damper on the good mood post below. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes wondering how in the hell I'm going to tell the kids.

mood: sad


*gulp* says Marie, looking at her nearly 15 year old ball of fluff....

I'm so sorry, Liz! He looks like the most gorgeous companion and how sad that he's gone. They certainly leave paw prints all over your heart!

Damn, now I'm crying....

You might find something at Rainbow Bridge to help the kids with their grief.


It's never easy, is it? It's the hardest thing about loving animals...and Chimay wasn't even OURS. We didn't even see him that often, maybe once or twice a year. Karin cried herself to sleep in my bed. :( It just sucks that something that a human would recover from with relative ease is the cause of death for a dog that was in excellent health otherwise.

I will share the Rainbow Bridge site with the kids, thanks.

And give Lambi an extra hug from us all today.

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