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How much do you think your friends define you? Are you cool because of the people you hang out with or are they cool because of YOU?

What I love most about book group is not actually the books we read. Most of the books are not books I would have chosen to read at all, and while sometimes that's okay and they turn out to be worth it; that's not always the case. It's not the discussions about the books either, though I like those a lot, especially when there are majorly mixed feelings about the book or in the cases where most of us hated it, since those discussions are the most animated.

It's the friendships with the like-minded people that I love most. Book people. Intelligent, reading thinkers. Friendly people who like to socialize, talk about something else besides the weather and their children. People who enjoy with gusto the refreshments you have to offer (pearl tomatoes with mozzarella and fresh basil, brie and crackers, apple crumble cake with vanilla sauce, dark-chocolate-covered Canadian cranberries, herb-crusted sausage, fresh green and red seedless grapes).

People who you only get to see once every 6 weeks or so, the most of whom I don't have any other real social contact with, but whom I consider kindred in a very real way.

I have lots of groups of friends, some of which overlap. I have my old friends from high school, most of whom I have little contact with, but with whom I nonetheless share a unbreakable bond. I have my old friends from college, and the girlfriends from the Chicago days. I have relatives that I consider friends, even! I have friends from the AWC and friends from my husband's circle of old friends and friends through work and choir and that whole wild far-flung group of you, my internet pals.

I am so damn lucky to have so many friends. Though it's true, you're all a little bit cooler because of me.

Or, no wait, it's the other way around. :)


Brightly Lit Blow-em-Out Birthday Wishes to reebert (Belated) and kissekat!

To My Dear Reé: What I wish for you is time for healing, time for learning to love yourself, time for new beginnings and little pots of spring seedlings. I wish for you closeness with someone special, beautiful things to surround yourself with, words to spring from lips and mind that make you tingle and shiver with joy, and above all a veritable plethora of days to continue building this friendship in. Thank you for your friendship. Happy birthday from me to you.
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You're lucky. I'm so OVER my book club. I need a new one.

And I'm TOTALLY a little cooler because of you! ;)

OMG - come to Sweden and join ours!! How cool would that be? So totally cool. (PS: We have NO SNOW.)

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never mind, I saw your other email after I checked comments :) :)

Edited at 2008-04-11 06:18 am (UTC)

Oh, we are very much cooler because of you! It must be amazing to have kept up friendships from high school and college despite moving across the ocean... I don't think I've mastered the art of that kind of amazingness yet. :)

I belonged to a 'gang' of girls in junior high that I have kept in touch with, even though it was in Holland and we have since scattered to the winds, and though we've lost track of a couple of them. We had a reunion the year we turned 40 which was a blast, and we're planning another in Europe next year :)

Does that mean I am now cool? ;-)

Yes, it would be because of you. I enjoy your great attitude and fun banter (from just as interesting friends!) in your comment section. 8-)


Re: Does that mean I am now cool? ;-)

aw, thanks! :)

Re: Does that mean I am now cool? ;-)

You're welcome. :))

random visitor

I have been thinking a lot about friends lately, so your post caught my attention. It made me realize that I probably should be more thankful for the friends I do have.
Btw, the 'refreshments' paragraph made me really hungry. And curious to know what chocolate covered Canandian cranberries taste like. Cheers. ^_^

Re: random visitor

They were HEAVENLY. None left, more's the pity.

I hopped over here via mutual friends. You're about to become one of them. I hope you can handle even one more.

I feel the same about bookclub people. Interesting the way you laid it all out for us. My feelings exactly.

Here's to the ride!

Friends are always welcome :)

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