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Nothing much happens in Sweden. Which I'm grateful for today when reading what's going on in California. The wildfires have destroyed an area the size of Chicago, one paper said. Chicago!? The mind boggles.

Things to be grateful we don't have here: earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires that eat entire states, gigantic mudslides, drought, famine, military juntas, Richard Simmons.

I had a 2-minute intense mindcramp this morning when I was thisclose to staying in bed and blowing off EVERYTHING for the next few days. I'm pretty close to crashing and burning and am having to run a little refrain in the back of my head "just get through Saturday and you can rest on the Sabbath" every few minutes or so to keep me going.

My babysitter called me yesterday a few hours before choir, and told me she had a sore throat, so I ended up taking the kids with me to choir practice. They were very well-behaved, thank goodness, even with the attraction of 2 other little boys that were there for about an hour. Any longer and they would have been racing around like maniacs and climbing the walls, but the other boys got picked up by their grandparents, whew!

Got to call my MIL in a little bit and see if she's up to picking up the kids this afternoon and watching them for a few hours, as I've got a hair appointment scheduled in Malmö. If I have to cancel it, my hair may actually BECOME a poodle and begin leading a little doggy life of its own.

I gave up on my hair several years ago and decided it wasn't worth the agony. It lives its own life on my head and I try to keep it collared with one of those spiky circles that I can't recall the name of. I used to really like my hair, it was wavy and chestnut and soft. Then I made the mistake of coloring it for the first time, and then moved to Sweden and got pregnant twice and old. Okay, older. Sweden isn't nice to hair like mine. All these Swedes with their stick-straight hair have no idea the sacrifice I made when my hair moved here. I can spend half an hour carefully styling and curling Dr. Jekyll in preparation for an evening out, and 5 seconds after I've gone out the door, Mr. Hyde has appeared on my head. In the form of a poodle.
wiped out and 3 days to get through
mood: wiped out and 3 days to get through
music: Sting—Englishman in New York


Yea some person started the fires. Stupid idjit!

I wrote an email to Richard yesterday hoping he's ok as his gym is in Cali... and he's an asthmatic.

Richard who? Please don't say Simmons.

Yes, Simmons.

Some of us with straight, flat hair are envious of your poodle. At least you have body in your hair.

a body in my hair?! SEE!? I TOLD you there was a poodle up there!!! hahaha!

Guess it's true, the grass is always greener, etc :)

*LOL* A poodle!? I don't think Lambi would like to hear that.

But I feel highly confident that you are being too self critical ;) - it seems that most people who have beautiful curly hair, even if it does go frizzy at times, are the envy of straight haired people yet hate it themselves. I'd kill for some body :) The grass is always greener...

I don't think Lambi would like to hear that.

Damn right Lambi doesn't like that! What could possibly be wrong with being a poodle?

Though I'm now getting those flashbacks to Queen and picturing a poodle perm. Hmm, I believe "not getting a poodle perm" was one of the Ten Commanments of Pop

I guess now is not the time to tell you my hair is dead straight and blonde? Thought not. Just forget I mentioned it *giggle*

There's nothing wrong with BEING a poodle. But I'M not a poodle. I just have one on my head. Sometimes. :) No offense to Lambi, but I preferred my Irish Setter do of years gone by :) As for Lambi's mom and her hair, let's not just go there, shall we? LOL

Hope you get a rest this weekend. It sucks to reach that point where you don't know if there is an spark of energy left to get you mobile.

thanks!! Same to you! Seems like you guys really got laid low by that bug.

I have the same problem with my hair! I get a fro when it's humid out. Lately it has been falling out like crazy (apparently that happens around this time after a pregnancy). I've actually been able to have a posh since it has thinned out enough. It was really long and then I figured that the only thing I did was pull it back so I chopped it off.

I never could master the spikey ring thing.

All I do it pull it back, too. Thank god for spiky ring things! :) But I can't bring myself to chop it off. Every time I've ever done that I've regretted it mightily. And yeah, the falling out thing is one of those fun after-pregnancy things that most people don't get warned about. Has anyone warned you that your feet never go back to their pre-pregnancy size?

My feet never have gone back to pre-Sweden size! They went up a size after I moved here.

really? good grief! did they go up again during pregnancy?

Things were a bit tight towards the end, but I think they are okay now. Not sure though. I need to try on the dress shoes to see.

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