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My brother thinks what I do here isn't Writing (with a capital W). But what he doesn't realize is that I'm not really a writer and if I wasn't writing here, I wouldn't be writing at all. I started this journal SPECIFICALLY to kick start my writing again, and it worked, and as a big fat bonus I also got a round of awesome people to become friends with and the whole Internet to ask questions of and get recognition and applause from. Score!

There simply isn't enough time in the day to do all the things I'd like to do, (especially when much of it is spent mindlessly playing Noah's Ark working or making food for the kids or cleaning house or folding endless loads of laundry. There isn't time to be an artist and a writer and a singer and a healthy outdoor girl, not to mention a mother and a wife and a homeowner and a voracious reader and a Corporate Graphical Designer. So, you have to choose and you have to prioritize and you have to compromise, none of which things are very conducive to creativity and inspiration.

Frankly, I envy those who make a living from their talent, until I remember that I do, too. Though I'm not a career artist or writer or singer, I AM creative in many ways and I DO find the time to indulge them, just not as often or as much as I would like outside of the creative work I have in my "career." In high school and college I seemed to have time to do everything I wanted (which often involved blowing off classes or staying up until 4 a.m. typing a term paper with no outline that was due the next day).** But I wasn't, of course, wrestling great chunks of uninterrupted time out of my life, to do them. I didn't have the responsibilities or the obligations that I have now.

But I also know myself and my limitations. I realized long ago that being a career artist slash singer slash writer wasn't really what I was going to do with my life, that I didn't have the obsession or drive for any of them enough for those hobbies to be anything more than that: spare time pleasures.

OF COURSE I could do more. I could write more or sing more or paint more, but I've never felt the need to concentrate on any one thing when I enjoy all them in their own time. It's why I'm so good at what I do. I don't have to ONLY be good at layout work. I can be good at that, and HTML, and presentations and Photoshopping and writing, and do a good job and have fun with all of them in turn. I don't feel the need to specialize (it's for insects, said Heinlein, and I agree) or compartmentalize.

I LIKE writing here, and I'm proud of many of the things I've written, essays that have sometimes taken much more time and effort and even research than you might think goes into a "journal post," but for all that, I'm not a writer the way some of my friends are or some of the bloggers I read, or some of the published authors whom I admire so much. I don't have any real desire to get published, or I WOULD HAVE by now. If I were a writer, I'd be writing. But I'm not a writer like that. I'm just me. I'm not great, perhaps, at any one specific thing, but I'm good at a lot of them, and they are all things I LIKE, things that I don't obsess over or worry about; things I can have fun with and do when the mood strikes me (hey mood! why so violent?) or the muse descends.

Never having really been able to answer the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" has never much bothered me. I never knew, yet I managed to figure it out subconsciously anyway. I AM what I wanted to be when I grew up: well-rounded (shut up, John, I don't mean physically) and happy with my little corner of the universe. I have the job that suits me best and a life that keeps me busy and happy and content and crazy. What more could anyone ask for?

*Henry Van Dyke
**And which I usually aced, which pissed off my roommates to no end, since they'd been preparing and writing theirs for weeks.
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Disdain for Liz and her Journal....

as I must apparently defend myself here. (on Liz´s Blog and not my own, because I am far from a writer Aspiring or otherwise)

First of all, I must say I never had disdain for Lizardeks journal.
(Disdain - 1. to look upon or treat with contempt; despise; scorn. 2. to think unworthy of notice.) Thanks Random House.(from the dictionary that Liz gave me Xmas 1989.)
Wow. that is evil. So, I can honestly say I have NO DISDAIN for her journal.

In fact I love her journal, and what I get out of it must be way more than any of her Bloggerfiends, because I do have an extremly personal and close relationship with her and her famdamily.
It fills me with joy to read her posts that herald the coming of the sun, the spring and the wonders of her walks. I cant get enough of hearing about her 2 wonderful children even when the posts are about the challenges - go to bed Karen!!! and turn off that computer game!!! Even the rants about work overload, grey skies, crummy weather and the issues that trouble her or friends - Internet and otherwise - these posts remind me to give her a call and just talk. Her blog has made us (our entire family in America and in Europe) closer. Because we get the information of what is going on, in and around her life.(note to self - blog more often, or go take more pictures to express my experiences) It has let me see a side of her that was not often seen, How many of us really open up to our friends and loved ones? She puts up every mood, every whim, every feeling that can occur to a human being, and she expresses it beautifully.

(-Note to liz)
I do realize that you are not a professional writer - by trade. although I do have 2 books that were put out by you. I even have a tape of your singing. that makes you a writer and a singer to me. One I admire and respect. (who is my favorite writer on DA?) (shameless plug for me)

So Liz - enjoy your writing, we do, all of us. Family, friends and strangers (yes, I presume to speak for all of you, otherwise you wouldnt be reading this...)

we could all go and put our lifes effort into one thing, but would we be the same. No. Heinlein was right. I love my sister(s) and I suspect what set this entire post off was a link to Robin Hobb. I found it (on a blog) entirely too funny and immediately suspected that Liz would find it the same. - the rest of you will too, I am sure. Keep on writing - all of you, someone reads it and enjoys it, so do it. I check Livejournal Lizardek every day. (I even read the comments) Havent missed a post for years and will continue not to. It even bothers me sometimes when she hasn´t posted something, because I certainly cannot believe that nothing is happening around there. (Karin makes sure of it)

I love you.
enough said.

- the best writing can really only be done with a pen, pencil or chalk. With a keyboard it is typing. (although Random house disagrees with me here)

Re: Disdain for Liz and her Journal....

Hey. :) I'm glad that I misunderstood/misphrased--I was totally never in question that you and Liz are close and love each other or that you're a nice guy. (I am about the last person in the world who would be anti-sibling!) Anyway, I got that impression from the other times Liz has mentioned it and it seemed to me like it bothered her. But of course, all I have to work from is what she says here, not what the two of you actually say to each other. My point was just that I like reading about her life even when it's not the typical creative writing style of post, and I hated to think that she would feel bad when she didn't put all her energy into writing something like that because of what someone might say.

Except when she makes puns. Geez, the puns! ;)

(Hi, Liz, I'll stop talking about you like you're not here now!)

Re: Disdain for Liz and her Journal....

Puns? What puns?

Edited at 2008-04-18 07:37 pm (UTC)

Re: Disdain for Liz and her Journal....

I was mostly pulling your chain, honestly. And you're right, it was the link to the rant that set me off a bit, though I think I should probably edit to say SHE wouldn't consider me a Writer with a capital W. You were kind of the scapegoat since you sent it to me, but I know you don't disdain my journal writing as such. :) Never fear.

I love you, too. And that link DID make me laugh. It also, obviously, made me think.

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