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Anders arrived home late last night from his 2 week business trip in Italy. Now it's his turn to hold down the fort for 2 weeks, and make sure the kids get their homework done and the fish get fed and the dishes done and the laundry folded.

Except for my bathroom bag, I've been packed since this afternoon. I am ready to go. The taxi is coming at 7:45 to take me to the airport and from there I'll fly via Amsterdam to Boston where I'll wait until my mom's plane lands and then we'll pick up the rental car and drive out to the hotel.

2 weeks in the States! woo hoo!

I'm going there for work, but it's not work I'm looking forward to. It's seeing Bluepoppy and her Brombie Mob and my old friend Robin and meeting Chuck and his daughter and getting together with a beloved aunt and uncle that I see far too little of. And hanging out for 2 weeks with my mom!

And, I confess, it's the shopping and the chance to indulge in American pleasures that I'm looking forward to. Bookstores the size of 2-story football fields. The candy of my childhood. Dinner at Macaroni Grill. And the fact that the dollar is in the toilet doesn't hurt either. Everything will be so cheap!

Not sure how much I'll be posting for the next 2 weeks but I will try and pop in as often as possible :) Catch you on the flip side!

Sunny Springy Sproingy Birthday Wishes to jackiejj, blue_eyed_girl and Meg Fowler!
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Don't forget to wave when you're in Amsterdam! ;-)

I thought of you and my other Dutch-living friends, on my way through! :)

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You're a sweetie! I do wish I could see you this time through.

Have a FAB time!


Have a great trip!!

julia @ kolo

Cannot WAIT to see you! Have a safe trip.

Are you coming?! I never heard back from you earlier!! Now I'm even happier!!!

Ack! I've been bad about responding . . .

I hope you're having a lovely time. My friend Lisa in Boston tells me they've (there fore you too) been having divine weather. Enjoy the factor that our currency is in the crapper (someone needs to).

Re: Ack! I've been bad about responding . . .

I have to work double-time now to earn some more money. I think I spent it all. :D

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