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We have been go-go-going non-stop since I arrived. Working every day and shopping every evening. I've met Chuck! And Bluepoppy! And Christina! And Bluepoppy's T! And being at Soliden this weekend filled my whole middle with a big golden ball of warmth. The temperatures all this past week have been in the middle 80's (*boggle*) and Mom and I have been having a great time tooling around and just being together. And it's half over, already! Where does the time go? Zooooooooom!

>>>> Photos!
location: Massachusetts
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love YOU

LOVE the pics! Christina sent me a bunch too-- it was too too too much fun to hang with you and linda-- Tell Linda she rocks my world.

I MISS you guys already!!!


Re: love YOU

I need to get those pics from Christina, she was going to send them, but they haven't arrived yet. It was SO wonderful to see you, and it really gave me a much-needed rejuve! I MISS you. ALL of you.


So glad you're having fun on your whirlwind tour! ~Sheryl

It was both fun AND a whirlwind! :D

I hope this becomes a yearly affair for you! Hopefully next April wont be so crazily busy for me and we can arrange a rendezvous someplace.

I hope so, too, on both accounts. :)

MISS YOU. Already a lot. Seriously, why do you have to live so far away? xo!

Me? It's YOU. Heh. I know. Distance is a drag. But O! I'm so very glad you came!! Miss you muchly, you darling thing.

Hurray for vacations, I'm glad it's going so well. Soak up that sun baby!!!

It was 86 degrees a few of the days! In April! Every blooming tree was blooming. It was awesome, even though it got rainy the 2nd week.


DGM and Dee Dee ( link.


wow! thanks for stopping by :)

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Hope you're having a good time on the tour!

Came here from DeeDee's site that whats-his-face up there posted. I'm actually from Mind Of A Mad Woman ( ) but it wouldn't let me post as that so I had to use my live journal name.

Thanks for stopping by! I had no idea that unlurking moment would generate traffic :)

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