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It's strange to think I'm half a world away from where I was this time yesterday, and with the busy week ahead I shall be flung back into routine quickly. I've come back to summer apparently. All the flowering trees were in full bloom in Boston, but here everything is leafed out, the grass is green and and high and the rapeseed is lying golden and full in the fields. After 24 hours of traveling, my body is only craving motionlessness and sleep and O! how glad I am to be home. I feel badly that I haven't been writing here but honestly there hasn't been time (or really, inclination) and I suspect I must re-learn the habit I seem to have so thoroughly shed.

Bright & Bonny Birthday Wishes to same_sky!
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welcome home :)

Thanks! It is GOOD to be home :)


You're back. :) 24 hours of traveling? WOW! THAT is a lot of traveling (as if I have to tell you...!).


Re: Yipee!

24 hours is just murder. But it passes the time. Heh!

ah yes, the world spins madly on

doesn't it now? so glad you are back to your cozy home and wonderful family but DAMN it was way way to short a time with you---

really, I think we're going to have to move the weekend to a full week next time--


Re: ah yes, the world spins madly on

A full week! What luxury! Sign me up!!

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Shotgun on lizardek's next ride! :D

Welcome home, Liz! Hope you get a chance to chill out sometime this week. Yes, spring arrived in full flow a few days ago and the amazing leafy explosion is well underway. After nearly 8 years here, it still amazes me, because the seasons are not nearly so clearly defined in my homeland.

Chilling out is not, I'm afraid, on the agenda, though I did skip the 5K run/walk I was supposed to participate in this evening...just couldn't face it. I took Martin to chess and went (much-needed) grocery shopping instead. Still to come this week: choir, Anders' birthday, his niece's confirmation, Karin's first karate competition, and a mother's day luncheon.

Thank you! :)

You're welcome! Hope your day was a great one!

Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing your daily adventures when you get the chance to post. I know how easily the habit fall away while immersed in travel and other life patterns. Welcome to summer!? Late spring, right?

I'll try to be better, I swear :) Late spring, early summer, whichever...I'm loving it...*ATCHOO!*

It's a beautiful spring here (finally), but *ATCHOO* here too, and itchy eyes.

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