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Oh GOD STOP RUBBING YOUR EYES, stop stop stop stop !!! AAAAAAGH. *rub rub rub*

I love allergy season. Not.

Flattened by jetlag, I have zombied my way through work today and a parent-teacher conference, with my eyes reduced to tiny, itchy slits through which I peer at people blurrily and then sneeze a few times before blowing my nose. SO beautiful!

to Chuck for being exactly the person you come across as. For being as comfortable and down-to-earth and humorously self-deprecating in real life as you are online. Thank you for flying all the way across the country to meet me and for using your lovely daughter as the excuse. :D

to Beth & Cameron for being such great chaperones hosts and for providing a yummy BBQ buffet to boot.

to Bluepoppy for allowing mom and I to descend for a weekend. I may have said this, but I don't know if you realize how very much I was looking forward to a soul-clearing weekend at Soliden with you. It was everything I hoped for. Great company, loads of laughter, excellent food and beauty in every nook and crevice. With butterscotch pups on top and an excellent music recommendation!

THANK YOU to T for being such a welcoming and friendly guy, for blueberry pancakes and stimulating conversation and letting us grab your girl on her first free weekend of the summer.

THANK YOU to Christina for making the quartet complete, for driving all the way to see us, for your dimpled smile and insights and secret histories. I'm SO glad you could make it.

THANK YOU to Robin for being one of the long-term friends that never gets old. For taking us to an AWESOME restaurant and grabbing the bill out from under us, and for being brave enough to show us your stuff. I can't wait to see more. And thank you for the other restaurant recommendation (Not Your Average Joe's)...we found it on our last night and MAN, was it good.

THANK YOU to Sam & Joanne for driving so far to see us for just one evening, and for immediately shopping with us (and especially to Joanne for helping me pick the perfect bracelet). We don't get to see each nearly often enough and having the chance was really a blessing.

THANK YOU to Mom for picking up in the middle of your busy life to come and hang out with me for 2 weeks, to keep me great company, to be a patient and willing shopping companion and for being the kind of person that thought the Louisa May Alcott Museum was as cool as I did.

The Marketing Manager at our US office made the comment that I know more people around the Boston area than she does, and it made me laugh. I have friends and family EVERYWHERE. How awesome is that?! Ellen and Reé (and anyone else I may have missed), I hope we can get together next year!

and last but far from least, THANK YOU to Anders and Martin & Karin for being so glad to see me when I got home.

Marvelous Maple-syrupy Mounds of Birthday Wishes to thinkum!
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How nice! I do hope you get to come back next year and that my April then won't be as crazy as it was this year so I can rendezvous with you and Lizardmom again.

G often makes a similar comment about me and my friends in Sweden. Of course he really does know more people in Sweden than I do but I think he's amazed at how many people I know there and that I could fill up a social calendar on a visit to Sweden all by myself. ;-)

Your April was as crazy as mine :) I hope, for both our sake's, that our crazyness recedes a bit.

was too short, too short, too short

but loved having you and man, how about that dinner out with the sunlight streaming in and Christina mesmerizing us all? freaking GOLDEN, non?


Re: was too short, too short, too short

I remember her saying something about her being the kind of person who notices the way the light lies on things, and that evening, I was noticing it everywhere!

Re: was too short, too short, too short

ANd, I must second all the above. I am so blessed to be able to meet my daughter's friends, and to be able to believe they are mine also. Thanks for a perfectly wonderful week-end. Peace & love, Lizardmom

Oh No Thank You

No, thank you Lizard Ek for coming to us- what with all the beautiful places in New England you could go. I loved having you and your Mom here. I'm already thinking about the menu for next year!

Oh- and that creamy, toffee-encrusted Swedish chocolate bar must be mentioned. What do they say about 'The way to a man's heart?' :-)

Re: Oh No Thank You

haha! They have the BEST chocolate over here! Next time BP starts getting a yearning for France, you should remind her that it's only a hop skip and jump up to us!! :)

Re: Oh No Thank You

I also want to add my thanks - for the Carom lessons and the delicious breakfast. Hoping I'll be able to join in next year too. Peace, Lizardmom

(points above)

that was T . . in case you were wondering . .


Re: (points above)

Hee! I would probably have been able to figure it out :)

Hey, you explaining me again?

Of course it was me- who else would be thinking about next years menu?


Re: Hey, you explaining me again?

Men who cook are the BEST!


Looks like you had a gloriously lovely time!

- Molly
a certain slant of light (

well done

omg.. good work, guy

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