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Does jetlag get worse as you get older? Or is it just my crazy life that has eaten away the foundation of my stability and left me unable to balance evenly? Nearly a week since my return and I'm still waking up at 4 a.m. every morning...of course that could be the fault of the BRIGHT SUNLIGHT streaming in at an ungodly hour and the fact that still, after nearly 6 years in this house, the windows in our bedroom remain shade- and blind-less.

Wednesday was choir (first practice in 4 weeks—croak!) and yesterday my husband celebrated a birthday. It's been gorgeous all week, with beautiful sunshine and lovely temps and we've suddenly slid into full-blown summer. The lilacs are popping out all over and the pansies in the pots are running riot, literally, all over the yard.

Tomorrow a niece gets confirmed in the Swedish church and Karin has her first karate competition, and Sunday is Mother's Day, though not here in Sweden...however, the kids are "taking me out" to lunch anyway.

I keep thinking, as I go through my day, O! I have to remember this! I have to write about this! I have to ...what was it I was going to write about again?

Bedtime Routine
Liz: Good night!
Karin: Good night!
Liz: Sleep tight!
Karin: Sleep tight!
Liz: See you in the morning!
Karin: See you in the morning!
Liz: ...what was the last one? I can't remember. Hmmm...oh yes! I like you!
Karin: *rolls eyes* No, mama.
Liz: You're OK! ...no, that's not right.
Karin: NO mama.
Liz: *brightly* I guess you'll do! *inquiring look*
Karin: *patiently* NO mama.
Liz: Hrmmm...what was it again? oh I know! *nods* You're a good kid, I think I'll keep you!
Karin: *laughs and makes big bug eyes at me*
Liz: I love you! *smiles*
Karin: I love you!
Liz: *leans over for a kiss, bumps lip into Karin's tooth* EW! I just kissed your TOOTH!!
Liz & Karin: *giggle madly*

Biggest Bestest Birthday Wishes EVER to my Swedie Anders! (though posted 1 day late)
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