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Why am I still up, again? Oh, yes, because I do this TO MYSELF!

However, I'm officially, if temporarily, de-poodled, so I'm feeling pretty good. Had a BA* at work today and it was showing, but guess what, I don't care! *sings I don't care I don't care I don't care!*

I vegged at the beauty salon and read most of Girl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland, which is excellent. Got home at 6:30, ate dinner, talked to my brother and then my husband on the phone (plane delayed, argh), popped the kids in the bath and then into bed, ran the dishwasher, threw a load of laundry in the washer, added 7 activities to the AWC website, made 2 batches of halloween-orange rice krispie treats, and answered emails. Yay, me!

Currently laughing my way through the archives of Witt & Wisdom. It's wonderful, readable and hilarious, and reminds me of how my brother would write a blog if my brother had a blog or wrote.

*That's Bad Attitude, not Bachelor of Arts, which I also have, but not at work today.
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I am addicted to Witt and Wisdom after reading it through a link in your journal yesterday! What a hoot. I loved the one about his penis being a terrorist! I wish I could write like that. Actually I can be a sarcastic ranting sort of person, but I get worried that it's not really appropriate to lj, so poor tallefjant gets a dose of it in real life! If we say BA it usually means "bloody aewful" (especially if it's about work!)

I know!! I read that one while at work yesterday and had to shut the door so I wouldn't disturb co-workers with my howls of laughter :) I wish you wouldn't worry about whether things are appropriate or not for LJ, and just tell it like you really want to! Are there some sort of LJ propriety police?

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