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A Saturday with absolutely no plans* has resulted in the following:
  • sleeping in until 9:30 and then dozing for another half hour
  • finishing a book and beginning another
  • 6 loads of clean, sweet-smelling folded laundry, including a million towels and the bedding from every bed in the house
  • 3 clean, sweet-smelling, freshly-made beds
  • 6.5 bags of outgrown children's clothing
  • a logic problem conquered on the second try
  • Chinese take-away for dinner
  • a quick run to the store for milk
  • a half-vacuumed house
  • myskväll with shrimp crackers, fortune cookies and a new movie to watch (Enchanted)
  • a journal post!...of sorts
*for ME. Anders had plans: he built a wooden slat fence (from scratch) around the pool and emptied said pool the rest of the way to deal with the leak that sprung in it apparently overnight yesterday.
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