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I've been added to someone's blogroll! How cool is that? I know carrieb gets this all the time, and is probably thinking, whoop-te-doo, but it's my first time and I'm feeling very groovy at the moment. I might have to lean back and smoke a cigarette against the pillows.

Go read the She-Dork!
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I actually don't get it all that often and get very, very excited when I am added. You go girl! Maybe I should add my livejournal friends to my blogroll seperately instead of having them all lumped into my "livejournal friends" category.

I've seen you "around town" though, and was always pretty impressed :)

And what IS a blogroll? *confused*

It's a list of "worthy" websites that other people list on their own blog, that they read regularly and recommend. :)

Wow, and I thought being quoted in someone's .sig file was cool! :)

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