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Liz: Good night!
Karin: Good night!
Liz: Sleep tight!
Karin: Sleep tight!
Liz: See you in the morning!
Karin: See you in the morning!
Liz: Olive oil!
Karin: I lo---*pause*
Liz: No? Oil of Olay?
Karin: *rolls eyes*
Liz: Hmmm...what was it again? Eulalia!
Karin: *patiently* No, mama
Liz: Oilily?
Karin: *suspiciously* Are you doing this just so you'll have something to write about on your journal?
Liz: *giggles madly*
location: Lund
mood: silly
music: Joan Armatrading—Heaven


Watch out! Next time perhaps it is her who has come up with something non sequitur (*) to respond with. :)

(*) Yes, I had to look up the spelling.

She has seen through you!

Haha! Ain't that the truth! :D

Hahaha! She's obviously your kid. ;-)

She's a smart one!! She's also lucky to have such a fun mom!


Now that's SCARY smart! ;-)


i cant believe she saw threw your plan. thats great.



- Molly

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