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  • The pool has sprung 2 consecutive links in the 3 weeks we've had it. *sigh*

  • Karin had a fever yesterday, I got the call at 10 a.m. and worked from home the rest of day, battling a crashy connection. She was better this morning, but since the school requires kids stay home for a fever-free day, she was with me at work this morning (infecting the office instead, muahahaha!) and missing the school brännboll tournament.

  • My to-do list will not stop growing. Squishing it does not, just as with my children, work at all.

  • We have new across-the-street neighbors. Young couple, no children, a boxer dog.

  • On Saturday we went canoeing on the Kävlinge River: 3 families in 3 canoes. No one fell in and the kids behaved beautifully. It was AWESOME. Then we ate a delicious dinner, prepared and grilled by my husband. It was AWESOME. Then we watched the Eurovision Song Contest until forever o'clock in the morning. It was, most decidedly, NOT awesome.

  • Canoeing always makes me want to sing river songs at the top of my lungs, while on the water: Moon River, Way Down Upon the Swanee River, Michael Row the Boat Ashore, etc. I need more though. My repetoire of river songs isn't nearly broad enough.

  • Sunday, on the other hand, was horrible. A huge downer-day.

  • Having a daughter that wants to be a massage therapist when she grows up is also awesome. She's constantly grabbing me and pounding the hell out of my back at the slightest provocation. Mmmmmmmm

  • After not being able to decide what to do with our summer vacation, we've pretty much settled on doing it all. We'll be going down to Germany, visiting Prague or Vienna for a couple of days, swinging through Paris and ALSO staying home to play in the...oh wait, see point number one.

  • Monday was our last AWC meeting of the "season", since we break until August, though there are still activities coming up and there are still newsletters and website to be dealt with each month. I didn't care for the guest speaker, who was supposedly speaking on "Mindfulness Meditation" but made it through his half hour talk without saying ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE WHATSOEVER about his subject. But we had a good turnout and lots of new people show up, which is always nice, though I miss some of the old ones.

  • Tomorrow is our last choir evening: spring concert and then a dinner party afterwards. I'm dreading the concert, frankly.

  • I feel like the definition of lethargic on so many levels, yet I have so much to do my head won't stop spinning.

  • Martin got signed up for 3 days of day camp in August. I remember day camp. I LOVED day camp. Making gods-eyes and dreamcatchers and potholders on those little metal frames. And learning to play balleke-stomp in the yard and "I doubt it" in the lounge and singing lots of songs.

  • I kind of feel like moving. Must be the 3-year itch hitting me again at the (nearly) 6-year mark in this house. Maybe it was the across-the-street neighbors moving out this weekend that triggered it.
Bibbity Bobbity Bundles of Belated Birthday Wishes to nannergo!
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Thanks so much! lol, my work is moving location, so I ended up working a 14 hour day yesterday! Egads. And another possible 15 hour day tomorrow. But that pushes me into mucho over time, which is a pretty nice gift from the employment fairies. :)

I have a friend who's a massage therapist. Since professionals have to go through medical training and getting licensed, they have the option of having the certification... letters [like MD, but my brain forgets th actual abbreviation] on their driver's license. Karin will assuredly be even more popular if she decides to get into that field!

It's not a gift, you're EARNING it. 15 hours days are okay if there's only a couple of them. But watch out, they sneak up on you!

Oh nono, I know I am definitely earning this! It's been dusty and sweaty physical work moving our shop. What I meant was it's a gift from the employment fairies (and the money universe) that I'm getting to work over time when I so need the dollars right now. Especially with the new furnaces being installed.
Luckily there were only two outrageously long days, thankfully, with a day off in between.

The pool has sprung 2 consecutive links in the 3 weeks we've had it. *sigh*

You are such a geek. Real-life objects do not usually spring LINKS! *laugh* :)

HA. Don't you know we're (well, at least *I*) at war with the inanimate??...and they're WINNING.

(see?! Even my keyboard is against me!)

Edited at 2008-05-28 06:13 am (UTC)

Once again, one person who I will never be busier than (although I'm getting there)- Liz!

I had to laugh out loud when I saw that we share the same need to sing river-themed songs while canoing. I "treated" my now-husband and his cousin+boyfriend to a never-ending version of "Proud Mary". It mostly consisted of me singing "Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river" ad nauseum. I think I threw "Moon River" and "Take Me to the River" in there a few times too.

You know you're so grooming Karin to be a massage therapist. I don't blame you. While my back was bad, Linnea kept trying to adjust me (which most consisted of pushing on me while I was in way too much pain to tolerate it). Maybe there is some afterschool program teaching children how to do Swedish or Thai massage. Now there's an idea for a summer camp!

Speaking of, I'm excited about Martin's camp. He's at that perfect camp age. Hopefully he'll have as fond of memories of it as the rest of us do.

Hahaha! I never even thought of Proud Mary! Am adding that and Take Me to the River forthwith! :D

Squish harder. *smile*


Glad Karin is already feeling better! (And back in school too ;-). In case it helps, here is my view on Vienna vs. Prague: Vienna's advantage is its great art museums and coffee culture. Prague does have art museums but they are smaller and the collections more smattered. The coffee houses have made a comeback too, but not to the same degree as in Vienna. Prague does have a wider swath of gorgeous architecture (we weren't bombed much in the war), two amazing castles, a beautiful river, and a diverse restaurant culture. I'd go on but don't want to be too obviously preferential ;-).

Julia @ kolokolo

Can we stay with you for a night if I bring your kids presents from Sweden?? :)

I can't decide, honestly. I've always wanted to go to Prague, but I don't know WHY. It was just a feeling. I DO want to see the Mucha museum, as he's a fave, but otherwise, it seems like they're similarly attractive in slightly different ways.


Our flat is small or I'd say yes! But anything I can do to help out on the planning I would really love to, and also I'm all practiced up on touring people around (and the baby seems to like it, a bonus ;-).

The Mucha museum is a gem (small but fun) and if you like Mucha, you will also love the Municipal House, which is very close by. Ahh so much to see and explore!

julia @ kolokolo

We're still debating what to do...found out that Prague is actually 5-6 hours from my brother's place, not 2-3 as I had thought, which might put a damper on the whole idea.

When I was in my 20's I lived in Atlanta and Saturdays were nearly always spent tubing down the Chattahoochee River. Through one particular stretch of the river, every single one of the dozens of people floating down it would sing The Star Spangled Banner. I have no idea how that tradition started or if rafters still do it. (I hope they do.)

When I did a lot of water skiing I sang "I'm Getting Married in the Morning" every single time. No idea where that came from but it was just the perfect song for that sport.

LOL! That's hilarious. And now I have a My Fair Lady earworm! :D

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