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There might have been an invitation to something that was sidestepped.

There might have been the idea of getting things done somewhere in the back of your mind.

There is, for certain, a list, more likely plural, lying somewhere with patience or, perhaps, resignation.

But there is something more, something which overwhelms and smothers all other considerations: 3 free days.

No obligations
No plans
No one else's needs
No commitments

...and no desire to do anything but revel in the peace and quiet and the unassailable joy of doing nothing but what you feel like doing, in each moment as it arises.
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I would say that Björn and I have a better possibility to live this way all the time than you due to our differing households. You have two kids who have activities which must be seen to as well as the need for a well-ordered family life.

Other than my job and a couple of other "musts" in our lives, we can leave things undone until we "feel like it".

On the other hand, I think often of you when I'm tempted to procrastinate doing something that really should be taken care of right away. I doubt that that particular aspect of your personality will ever disappear. Your Indian name could be Gets Things Done.

That's a much better Indian name that Little White Dove, who I always thought was a bit of a dolt, her and that Running Bear.

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