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  • Mellifluous scent of clipped grass rising sweetly to the nose

  • Deep pans swollen with rising, golden bread, heat waves shimmering above, the buttery smell of baking bread

  • Steam-scented burn-smelling air around a bonfire at night

  • Unexpected whiffs of lilac passing on an early evening summer breeze

  • Sharp citrus scent of clementines scouring the nose, setting the teeth and the inside of your mouth to tingling

  • The clean honeyed odor of a child's freshly shampooed and towel-dried hair

  • Delightful perfume of almond rising from an open bottle of essence

  • Lily of the valley's pleasing and dulcet fragrance

  • Yeasty delight of your own skin's freshness, a hint of salt; the temptation to gently bite down

  • Alluring incense of cinnamon buns and apple pie

More Things I Am Loving Right Now: the separate anticipations of sushi and strawberries, the books I am reading, the music I am obsessed with at the moment, new discoveries, the blessing of perfect weather, cat-sitting despite the all night miaow concert, using words like mellifluous, being asked questions I know how to answer, the beauty and pain of this, the wry chuckles engendered by this, feeling like I have the project load at work under control for once, looking forward to time off.

Cracking Me Up: One of the R&D engineers at work today, seen in the cafeteria, wearing a black t-shirt with the printed directions: Keep out of direct sunlight.

Bonny Bundles of Belated Birthday Wishes to anniz!
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