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Read a printed paper newspaper

Look up the definition of a word in a printed, bound dictionary

Write letters on paper, put them in envelopes and mail them in a postbox

Get up in the middle of the night because a child is crying

Think about old boyfriends

Look up phone numbers in a printed, bound telephone directory

Sing in the shower

Print out photos

Write checks

Have regrets

Vacuum up cat hair

Ask for directions


Watch movies

Wash my children or shampoo their hair

Play board or card games that require other people or physical accessories

Worry about what other people think of me
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I wish I could do the last one... I wish I could believe I am good enough as I am so I didn't have to measure myself and get my so very lacking self-image through what I believe is other people's standards. Oh well, social phobia in a nutshell. :)


I miss writing and receiving real life letters. I got boxes full of them still :-D

I do try and write one every so often, to friends far away. I still have boxes, too :) It's always such a thrill getting a real letter!

It's always such a thrill getting a real letter!

Especially if accompanied by a jar of Vegemite, eller hur?

Even then! :P

From one listy~listerson to another

I do like this list idea. Some of the bits are so kewl, like not having regrets and not worrying over what other people think of you. I especially like not vacuuming up cat hair.

Three down and two up need some serious alteration though. lol.
I may have to make my own version of this list. Thanks for the idea Liz. And thanks for the list.

Re: From one listy~listerson to another

I completely agree with you!! I have started writing letters once a month to various friends (usually while I'm waiting at Karin's karate class and it's raining so I don't want to walk) and it's a lot of fun.

Re: From one listy~listerson to another

I keep trying to get myself to sit down and write letters too. I write "correspond" on my "To Do" list with regularity, but I seldom get past adrressing and stamping the envelpoes. Now I have a kazillion of those envelopes that I need to put one cent stamps on.

Post cards I'm better at. They are do~able, so recently I have been focusing on those. And I love postcard shopping.

I still get the Sunday paper for the coupons, but I'm ashamed to admit - I rarely ever read it!

I'd like to have a big, fat, beautiful, bound dictionary in my library some day for instant, non-digital reference.

I went through a not-watching movie phase but I decided I had to make time for it. I just love a good film.

I don't play boardgames nearly as much as I like. Clearly you're the Scrabulous champion, but what else do you play?

Nothing exciting :) games, Spider Solitaire, Pandora's box...that sort of thing.


Oh, some of those expired things I still do (write letters: I write one each day to my best friend and my paternal grandmother)--and I just fell in love with Polaroid. But I see one thing on your list that I know I really, really need to do, and that's to no longer worry what other people think of me. A very brave thing, indeed.


Love this list. Especially: "have regrets" and "vacuum cat hair" both are equally useless. :) xo~!

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