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Since this photo was taken an hour ago, Karin has also painted 3 Swedish flags on her face. For the last game (for those of you who are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, it's the European Soccer Championships) she made Anders paint her face blue with a yellow stripe down her nose and across her cheeks and then added 2 "Go Sweden" tattoos on her arms. Sadly, they lost to Greece. Tonight, they're playing Russia. Heja Sverige!

Edited to add:: Doomed to disappointment, Russia won 2-0.
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Too much fun!!!
I love those faces. Very happy people, you have there.

They are now, might be different faces later, depending! *holds thumbs*

They do realise that if they win, they have to play the Mighty Dutch in the quarterfinal?


Heh. We know, there's no way we'd win that one! :D

Looks like the other Mighty Dutchman (Guus Hiddink) beat you first... ;-)

I hope Sweden wins!! :)

Me, too! :D


We won over Greece, but lost the game against Spain. :) I remember because we were on a two-day conference with work. During the game against Greece we were shaking loose on the dancefloor of the M/S Vindhem boat trip in Stockholm archipelago. A "räkbåt". I can say that every other person had sms-correspondence with people at home watching the game. And at the same time several people shouted out to the whole room "1-0"! And the cheering was deafening, and after that the high spirit got even higher. LOL. Soccer was even more efficient than the alcohol in everyone's glasses (except mine. :)) as a "stämningshöjare". I don't care at all about soccer really, but it was fun to see how engaged everyone was in it.


Did you see when TV4 visited a wedding party last Saturday, when Sweden met Spain? The groom was from Spanish heritage and the bride was Swedish, which meant the party was mixed from both countries. They had installed a wide screen TV in the hallway, but restricted people to only be allowed to walk by, not stand and watch the game for minutes. Inevitably most of the party got stuck in front of the TV anyway, leaving the wedding couple and some of their closest friends at the dinner table. After the game, all the Spanish family went around to excuse themselves and their team for defeating the Swedish one.

You've got the cutest kids. Even with flourescent hair.

But not when it rubs off on my furniture!!

What do you use in their hair?

It wasn't me, it was the hairdresser :) but it's a kind of spray-on paint. It wipes off on everything in sight, and washes right out.

Wow, they've really grown while I wasn't paying attention!

They do that even when one IS paying attention!


We're out too now, in a loss that my Czechs friends don't even want to talk about (how do you go from being 2-0 with 18 minutes left to being on the losing side of a 2-3 game by the time the buzzer sounds?). Ah well, it was fun while it lasted!

julia @ kolo

3 goals in 18 minutes!! O, the humanity!

So cute!!! It always amazes me how much your kids looks alike.

We get asked if they're twins all the time...they're nearly the same height as well. :)

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