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Visiting Anthropologie for the first time while in the States in April, this chicken timer was what I couldn't leave the store without. It has "Instruction Manual" printed on the bottom with 2 illustrated steps which show those clueless about kitchen timers how to turn it past the time you want and back again to start it. The only thing that could make it any better would be if it clucked when it went off. Or if it laid an egg! That would be cool.

My mom had been in the store during the day while I was working, and made me come back with her that evening because she wanted to get these ceramic goose measuring cups for my mother-in-law*. We live in southern Sweden, you see, and one of the symbols of Skåne is the goose. They were so freaking fantastic I almost couldn't breathe looking at them, and I thought I wouldn't be able to just get them for Anders' mom but would have to have a set for myself...however, the more we stood and looked at them, the more I worried that they would break in my suitcase and I ended up walking away without them. So cute, but fairly impractical, too, for someone like me who drops things and has a tiled kitchen floor.

I had heard of Anthropologie but never been in one. It's the kind of store I wish all stores, apart from bookstores, were like: full of interesting and unusual things, with plenty of colorful, whimsical and intricate beauty to catch the eye and gladden the coveting heart. Though I could wish they had a few larger sizes available in their clothing selection.

It's funny, because I was never much of a shopper (apart, of course, from bookstores), but now, when I go home to the States, that's one of the main things I want to do. Part of it, I think, is just the wandering around looking at the incredible variety of things for sale in America...which is cause both for amazement and incredulity on an equal scale of wonder and revulsion. I think I like shopping much more now because I do it so seldom. Online shopping for necessities and overseas gifts may be convenient but it just doesn't give the same thrill. And you might never come across a chicken timer just surfing around online.

Hippity Happity Boppity Belated Birthday Wishes to thehula!

*They had these measuring spoons, too.
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Oh, great ... just what I needed, another place to shop! ;)

Seriously, what fab stuff! That chicken timer totally has my mom's name on it!

They've got the greatest stuff there! I saw the chicken timer later in another store, with a different color, but I love the red.

I have that exact same chicken!

Cluck! I mean YAY!

It's my favorite store! I walk past the one in Rockefeller Center every day, it is only 1/2 a block from Max's daycare.

Danger! Danger!


am doomed

now that my friend works at Anthro and gets me a discount-- I am done. I am wearing new pajama pants that I utterly love (on sale AND discount) and got a lampshade that just rocks-- sigh-- good thing it is way too far for me to go on a regular basis.


Re: am doomed

You get a discount!? Wish I'd known that when I was there, we would have made sure to be there when she was working! :D

i went into one of those stores recently (theres one down the road) and they do indeed have very nice things! most of it was a bit pricey though but one day when im earing what I should be ill be going back there :) oh yes indeed. i want to put some of those nice things in my home.

You're right, they were pricey, but o! so precious!

You temptress. *cluck*

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