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Man, it's quiet around here.

The kids are gone for 3 days/2 nights at their grandparent's. The house is clean, though my to-do list includes yet more cleaning, in anticipation of hosting the AWC Independence Day Party next weekend.

Last week, I had thought that things were finally loosening up at work...ha ha HA. Every time I think that, I get slammed with more projects. And still a month to go before vacation...sigh.

Tomorrow is book group deluxe: with potluck AND slumber party, at my friend brief_therapy's place! I can't wait! She told us to bring something to throw on the grill and "our favorite salad"...which had me wracking my brains all day. Favorite salad? How can I chooooose?

First, I thought about bringing a delicious avocado & cottage cheese mix that is O! So! Yummy! But then remembered a lovely couscous salad that Anders found a recipe for in Buffé magazine which we've served a couple of times at various dinner parties, and which I love: It's called Väldoftande couscoussallad which translates as: "highly scented couscous salad"; which of course, cracks me up.

It's smelly because it has cardemom and cinnamon in it, but mostly what it is, is YUMMY. It's also incredibly easy and quick to boot, and you can make it ahead of time. Here's the recipe (in Swedish...if you want a translation, let me know).

What's YOUR favorite salad?


Fine Old Footbally Belated Birthday Wishes to verian!

Also, instead of doing the book meme, I will just say 58, chumps. muahahahaha!
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