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Haven't paid* U.S. taxes in 11.5 years, but today I got FREE MONEY from the U.S. government anyway! Woo hoo! Thanks, George!

Of course, since I'm depositing my Economic Stimulus Check in a Swedish bank (O! the irony!), it won't be as much as it might have been, since the dollar is still in the toilet, and I'll lose a big chunk thanks to international check-cashing fees but still, FREE MONEY!

Can't beat that with a stick!

*But have kept up my end of the bargain as a U.S. citizen and faithfully filed my return every year
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i have filed every year as well... but no check for me!!!
when did it arrive? was there something i was supposed to do?
does everyone get the same amount?

It arrived today. I don't know if there was something you were supposed to do, I didn't do anything special, just filed my taxes as usual. People are not all getting the same amount, I know that, and I know some people aren't getting one, though I haven't read up on the criteria. It's on the IRS site, I'm sure, or you can google "economic stimulus plan"...I was really surprised because I didn't think expats were getting them.

Well, this American is stunned by the sudden proliferation of topless-yet-modestly-covered women in icons on your blog. I guess all I can say is: God Bless America! And Sweden!

LOL! I wondered if I'd get some comments about that! :D

Also, ONE hardly counts as a proliferation! :P

I was counting americantjej, who is demonstrating the beauty of a pregnant form.

And yes, I know that many, many Europeans have criticized Americans for being breast-obsessed and charged us with being infantile and immature.

I would argue with them, but they're pretty much right. Boobies!!!

*snort* It's not Americans. It's men! You're so predictable! :D

Haha! Okay, that counts! :D

Good. By the way, do you think the reason I keep coming back here is to continue our conversation or to look at not-quite-naughty pictures?

It's totally to look at the not-quite-naughty pictures. You can't fool me.

Too bad you don't have a US bank account you could have deposited it into and used to to buy stuff online in the US. I've just been to the bank to deposit mine.

I only have a credit union account which keeps one credit card alive for me in the States, but I only use it once a year or so. My mom is traveling, otherwise I might have signed it over to her to deposit and spend for me ;)


Great! I got mine a few days ago too! Just when I was beginning to wonder where it was? Too bad it was all spend on plane tickets and more!
I like that Findus is now watering the flowers! :) Love, Lizardmom

I had the old header for WAY too long! Never had time this past winter or spring to think about changing it.

I'd be careful about using that money. I read in the news yesterday that many people have gotten returns when they shouldn't have and others who should have gotten them didn't. I've tried to find the link to no avail :( But be careful!

It's not a return, though. We'll see if it's cashable this week :)

Aha! Ok then spend away! :)

Hey, if it turns out not to be cashable, I'll volunteer my bank account to you! ;-p


"Economic stimulus check"?? What is that?


It's the U.S. government's attempt to get people to spend their money and stimulate the economy, by giving them "refund" checks from income tax.


*Waving* I'm back. ;-) Uh, not from a trip but I haven't been surfing much without my computer at home.

I got my check in the second batch sent out. I bought a digital camera (only $100 of the check!) that I wouldn't have otherwise. Other than that- oh and a rocking chair at a thrift store- I used it for bills. Every little bit helps!


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