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How much more perfect can a summer evening be? Sun slowly sinking, tiny non-biting midges dancing in sparkling clouds. Children splashing and screeching in the pool. A hose in hand, spraying water over every pot and flower and sun-saturated growing thing. A rainbow-striped hot-air balloon slowly cruising right above our heads.

A day spent finalizing preparations for the annual AWC Independence Day bash which we're hosting tomorrow (because today was a regular work day, though I took it off regardless). Singing American patriotic songs in the car to the kids: Yankee Doodle, My Country Tis of Thee, God Bless America, Grand Ole Flag and realizing happily that I still know all the words...except to Yankee Doodle, but I covered that up by singing Zip a Dee Doo Dah instead and the kids never knew the difference.

I boiled eggs for deviling in the morning, made 3 batches of rice krispie treats, and grocery shopped. Anders trimmed the edges in the yard and cleaned the pool. Our house is fairly sparkling and the Lego pandemonium in the playroom has been held mostly at bay upon threats of death and dismemberment.

Firecrackery Fountains of Big Birthday Wishes to shazzerlive and Bunches of Belated Ones as Well to totte and jax_in_sweden!
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Have a great bash tomorrow! Mine will be in two weeks. Ever thought about coming up here for it? ;)

Yes, I've definitely thought about it but we can't do it this year, we're hosting a family reunion in 2 weeks :)

Oh, a family reunion definitely sounds like more fun!

the weather's gonna go bad again come sunday. 12 deg c and rain. i knew the good weather was too good to last...

Have FUN tomorrow!

We've seen the forecast is for scattered thundershowers later today, I hope it holds off!!


Go Liz!
Deviled eggs are the one thing I haven't figured out how to replace or substitute for in my vegan life-style. I sorta miss 'em, especially made by my granny. I can make eggless egg salad though, for sandwiches.

Re: zippitydodahmycountrytisofthee

What the heck is in eggless egg salad?? I LOVE deviled eggs, don't think I could give them up, even though I only eat them maybe 1-2 a year :)

Re: zippitydodahmycountrytisofthee

Eggless egg salad is a tasty tofu (well, tasty if you season it enough) mushy salad akin to egg salad that is made for egg salad sandwiches. Eggless egg can be used for sandwiches or a dip.
It is a great boon for non-egg eaters like me, though I seldom make it with so many other yummy eating possibilities.
Now all night and morning I have been trying to mentally contrive an eggless deviled egg. teehee.


I love deviled eggs too - not only are they incredibly tasty, but they are so very easy to make. Have a great party and a happy 4/5th!

julia @ kolo


Oh my goodness...I've decided that deviled eggs are the best part of any family get-together. My husband has a soft spot for them, so my grandma will make them in a hearbeat for him...and then I hijack them! I've never made them myself, but I want to try!

This is all I know of Yankee Doodle:

Yankee Doodle went to town
ridin' on his pony
Stuck a feather in his cap
and called it macaroni!

:) Sam

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