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3-day weekend: hot summer days and cool summer evenings, blazing sunshine and electric blue skies with fat, white puffclouds. A green grasshopper clinging to the side of the house. Wilting roses, sun-struck geraniums, though no one here calls them geraniums any longer. Giant slices of watermelon, potato salad, rice krispie treats with red, white & blue sprinkles, steak on the grill. Hours in the pool, towel-wrapped kids with blue lips and red shoulders. Clover in the grass, butterflies on the wing.

Photos by Anders Ek

Super Summer Belated Birthday Wishes to idahoswede!
mood: calm
music: remote-controlled motorcycle toy zooming around the playroom


you know, karin always seem to have this special energy about her in the pictures you post. like she's always "submerged" in what she's doing... :-)

Shark attack! :D




Me wants watermelon. Have been too busy eating strawberries.

Come on over, we have TONS!


Hey you, word artist. :) You have been challenged:

(I know you normally don't do these things? But hey, frågan är fri, right? :) Of course I won't take offense if you choose not to reply. But I would love to read if you did. :))


I've gotten 4 of my 5 things-to-do-today's 9:37, is that too early to go to bed??


Nah... it's ok to go to bed! Especially now, more than an hour later. LOL



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lizardek's obiter photos

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