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For the past I-don't-know-how-long, I have left the office every day with a sharp pain in my right shoulder/neck, caused, most likely, by my habit of sitting with my left leg tucked under me. Despite the fact that I use a Mousetrapper at work to keep my hands in front of me, this is still throwing me lopsidedly to the left just enough to cause strain on my right side. It isn't helped by the fact that I invariably sit at the computer a lot while at home as well (frequently with the same leg tucked).

In general, I lean to the left. And not just when it comes to scales of liberality; it's a physiological thing, too, apparently. I'm left-handed, but right-brained. My left hand is stronger and more coordinated, even though I use a mouse with my right hand and can catch a baseball on that side as well. When my children were small, they were always on my left hip. My purse strap goes over my left shoulder. When I carry anything heavy, it's consistently in my left arm or on my left shoulder. I part my hair to the left, my left eye has better vision in it; heck, I even tend to CHEW more with the teeth on the left side of my jaw!

I have been trying for months to break myself of the habit of sitting on one tucked-up leg, but it's HARD. I catch myself at it all the time! And even though I listen to my admonishments and immediately remove the offending leg, it's invariably back up again without any conscious effort on my part. You would think that the fact that it's causing PAIN would be enough to make me stop it, but it's not. Any ideas, O internet of wisdom? I can't put tabasco sauce on it.


Bouncy Rounds of Birthday Wishes to natooke and Belated Bouquets to kejn, ms_hackman and Mia!
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