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  • 25 invitations printed, address, delivered and mailed

  • 19 phone calls and messages responding in the affirmative

  • 2 weeks of anticipation

  • 2 trips to the grocery store

  • 2 cakes baked, frosted and decorated

  • 1 early morning birthday wake-up with presents and hugs and bed-head

  • 19 bags filled with candy

  • 1 sick kid calling with regrets

  • 18 children swirling around the house and yard

  • 17 presents opened and exclaimed over

  • 28 hamburgers grilled and eaten

  • 1 role-playing game involving 6 teams, over-sized dice, strength & wisdom cards, 2 manned stations, 4 unmanned stations, a final battle and prizes for the winners

  • 1 2-hour nap for lizardek afterwards before the start of the NEXT party (family only)

Happy birthday wishes to my baby girl, Karin, who turned NINE today!

mood: accomplished
music: summer insects buzzing


Happy Birthday Karin! Nine is a great year, hope your birthday was a happy one :)

She's such a CUTIE!!

18 kids?? I would need an 18-hour nap!

I KNOW! And what's worse, I could NOT get to sleep last night!! :( ARGH.

happy happy joy joy

what a blast!

glad you tucked in a nap there . ..

best wishes all around!!

~bisous, bp

She's really cute! Wow, 18 kids at the party! You brave woman!

brave or stupid, the jury's still out :)

Sounds like a great party. Happy belated b-day to Karin.


Happy Birthday to Karin!

julia @ kolo

Nine! Isn't that girl thirteen yet?!?

Actually, I consider nine to be a pivotal year of sorts, or at least it seemed so for my chicklets. It was the year that my sweet first born couldn't go to sleep one night and as I was comforting him we got to the root of what was really bothering him as he said, "Is it true Mom, that there are enough bombs to blow up the whole world?"
Your chicklets may have already realized these sad facts, but my boy was mostly media deprived at that point.

Happy ninth Mom of Karin.

She's been going on 13 all her LIFE! :D

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