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  • 25 invitations printed, address, delivered and mailed

  • 19 phone calls and messages responding in the affirmative

  • 2 weeks of anticipation

  • 2 trips to the grocery store

  • 2 cakes baked, frosted and decorated

  • 1 early morning birthday wake-up with presents and hugs and bed-head

  • 19 bags filled with candy

  • 1 sick kid calling with regrets

  • 18 children swirling around the house and yard

  • 17 presents opened and exclaimed over

  • 28 hamburgers grilled and eaten

  • 1 role-playing game involving 6 teams, over-sized dice, strength & wisdom cards, 2 manned stations, 4 unmanned stations, a final battle and prizes for the winners

  • 1 2-hour nap for lizardek afterwards before the start of the NEXT party (family only)

Happy birthday wishes to my baby girl, Karin, who turned NINE today!

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