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Perilously close to being a complete snark monster. Have so far managed to restrain myself but HONESTLY. Some people just beg for it.


Anders is on vacation this week, while I am working. It's my last week of work before a month-long vacation. I had thought I wouldn't have enough to do this week, as so many people are already on vacation (Sweden basically shuts down in July) that no new projects are coming in, but I was busy all day today and expect I will be the rest of the week, which is nice.

It's nice to have a steady flow of work and be able to concentrate on what I'm doing and not be in the middle of a stress-frenzy like I have been (like most of us have been) the whole first half of this year. This is the down period, but what it feels like is what NORMAL ought to be, when it comes to workload and project flow.

When I came home from work, I found the laundry machine busily buzzing away and a previous load already folded and hung up. The counter, which had piled with dishes from last night, was bare and sparkling and the dishwasher was empty, which meant it had been unloaded, filled, run and unloaded again. The house was picked up and the pile of birthday presents that littered the living room yesterday had been removed and presumably stowed where they belong. And best of all, the drain in the bathroom sink which has been clogged for ages, despite my attempts to unclog it with the crappy Swedish version of eco-draino, was running sweetly and cleanly again. I have a darling dear for a husband.


All I want to do lately is read and sleep. And play Spider Solitaire. WTF? It's CONSUMING, this lethargy.


So many things I am thinking; mostly things I am saying to other people in my head. People I know, people I work with, people I read. I don't dare let any of it out to their faces, but it's boiling away inside like a mini bubbling volcano at the moment. Not good. At the same time, there are some far away people I just want to hold and hug and pet until all their hurts go away. Not being able to do either one of these things is making me a little crazy.

I don't get like this very often. I don't like it that much. I think I'll go sleep on it some more.
mood: grumpy
music: Sarah Hickman—I Wish I Could Run


oh you get to be brambly--- write a letter to the person-- really write it and say EVERYTHING just how you want to and then put away and never send it-- quite freeing of the energy-- I promise

and, can't wait to show you photos of what I've done with the gorgeous cut-out felt runners you brought to us from super hip Sweden-- am in LOVE with this and can't wait to share . .. one day soon, have to finish a couple of other elements first. . .


Re: grrrrrr

o! how exciting to see what you've done. :) You know, I was in the same store the other day and they had them in lime green and bright turquoise! I almost bought more of them.

And it's not just 1 person, it's several...but hmmm...maybe I shall take your advice.


Oh, oh, oh. I hate it when my mood turns foul like this; I always feel so cranky and helpless and so much more. Yesterday, Ryan and I went on a hike and I was growly and cranky and the mosquitoes were awful and I was trying not to feel awful about my broken camera, etc, etc, etc. So I turned to him and made him make weird Star Wars creature noises, which sounds so stupid, but I knew it would cheer me up and I didn't want to be foul, foul, awful to him. It's hard, these moods that swallow you up.


Another friend of mine just admitted to me that she has a really bad addiction to Spider Solitaire. What is different about it from regular solitaire? I'd go try to find it myself but fear I'd become addicted too and work is so busy that I must.not.get.addicted.

It's faster and harder :)

You certainly do have a darling of a husband, and as it should be! Hiphip hurray.

I hope you are feeling better, on the "volcanoe" bit.

I thought this icon might give you some action tips, or maybe you could send them a polite note!

Should I prime up Lambi to go down to Skåne and deal with these people? Though I have to say that I tend to react a bit like you - hide away and bury myself in good books and addictive games. My addiction was "Scrabulous" and I had to delete it to stop me playing 20 games at a time! Sometimes a break from reality is great, but I know the temptation to remain at arm's length from the world is addictive in itself.

I hope you get some equilibrium during your vacation. (((HUGS)))

Only if Lambi is ready to travel all over the world with me like a little mini mafia. She could bite ankles while I whack kneecaps!

And I know what you mean about Scrabulous. I stopped playing quite some time ago, and didn't have any going for I've only got 2 games going but that's okay...3 would be okay, too if you ever want to play again :D

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