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Things I am loving right now:

♥ A thought-provoking and challenging book by a favorite author

♥ Being able to find things when I want them

♥ The sound of crickets in the evening

♥ The way the air cools down at night and breezes gently through the house

♥ Nearing the climax, chapter by chapter, in a gripping story that I'm reading aloud to the kids at bedtime

♥ The way they both groan and say "Keep reading, mommy!" when I reach the end of the chapter and put the book down

♥ Open-faced mini pavés with ham & mayo, sliced green peppers and "black monk" cheese melted on top

♥ Counting down the days to vacation

♥ Crossing the last few things off my to-do list at work that need to be done beforehand

♥ The dearth of commitments on our calendar for the foreseeable future'

♥ Re-discovering Sara Hickman

♥ My childrens' big brown eyes in their rosy, sun-tanned faces

♥ Leftover birthday cake

♥ The stupid human tricks my kids can do (Martin: vibrating eyes; Karin: flower tongue!)

♥ The amused look my husband gives me when one of the kids does or says something funny

Hyper Happy Hullabalooing Birthday Wishes to geeklibrarian!
mood: calm
music: Jennifer Kimball—Meet Me in the Twilight


ahahahaha! Years ago now, I re-discovered Hickman! I know that feeling. :)

Your family is the coolest, yo.

She's awesome. I love the first CD of hers that I bought years ago...don't know why I've never heard more since but wow, she's got a lot of great stuff out there!

What is flower tongue?

Like this:

Though that one isn't Karin's. :D I'll post some pics of my weird kids abilities as soon as I have a chance!

I'm voting for a picture of the flower tongue! (And I love how books are included several times)

It's in the works! :D

Thanks for the book recommendations!
(Hickman: one of the few good things to come out of Dallas. Norah Jones, too.)

I'm not so fond of Norah Jones. I like a couple of her songs, but I think most of her stuff all sounds the same. Love Hickman, though :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes! :) We agree about Norah Jones, I'll have to check Hickman now :)

:) Hope you had a good day!

Thanks for the great links, I'll definitely check out Sheri Tepper.

She's not necessarily an EASY read, but she's completely unpredictable and nearly always worth it. I can highly recommend After Long Silence and Raising the Stones.

Great happy list!

I am jealous about your vacation (I read your post about it last week!)

That's a great list. Send me some leftover birthday cake.(Just kidding)

I'll try "The Margarets" and see what I think, but my library, sadly, doesn't seem to have any Sara Hickman. BooHoo.

Back to my own listipation...

Sara Hickman is a singer, not an author :)

Oh I know. My library has tons of CDs and DVDs as well as books. I usually try new music out there first. Maybe I can get them to purchase some Sara Hickman. I'll go further on your link and see if there are any clips to listen to.

oh good, I just wanted to make sure you know, so you were looking in the right place :D

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