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I've talked about my freaky kids before. They've got quite a bag of stupid human tricks between them. Karin can splay her toes abnormally wide and pinch with them. They can both roll their tongues, and Karin can turn hers over to the left or right or from the front down under. Martin can vibrate his eyes (I used to be able to do that, too, but found it started hurting to do it as I got older). Karin recently discovered she can also do the tongue flower! I shudder to think what effect she'll have on the boys when she's college age.

Note: Even though we edited the movie to rotate it and it shows as rotated when I play it on our PC, it views sideways on Youtube. :( Sorry!

Karin's Flower Tongue

We took some videos of Martin's vibrating eyes, but unfortunately, the effect isn't nearly as cool on video as in real life...it just looks like he's moving his eyes around sort of rapidly and blinking weirdly inbetween. When you see it in real life, it's quite a different effect; like they're shaking on speed back and forth. So, we showcased his other major talent on video for you instead!

Martin's Folding Ear

What kind of stupid human tricks do YOU have up your sleeve? (hee!)

Edited to add: Anyone know how I can embed these in my LJ post?? LJ keeps adding an embed code that makes it invisible. :(
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