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Despite my promise to myself to take it easy and not do too much today, I still managed to clean up the majority of the pigsty we call home, do three loads of laundry, go grocery shopping and finish the 2004 calendars for the AWC website, plus ordered 2 Xmas presents online, so I'm feeling pretty damned accomplished.

Hadn't noticed this, but Mom warned me that Putnam is in the middle of some huge scandal involving trading violations. :( All my pension money from working 10 years in the U.S. is in Putnam mutual/IRA funds. Of course I haven't been paying any attention to it since moving to Sweden, assuming it would just sit there quietly and slowly grow. Stupid, I know, but when you have no head for anything financial or having to do with numbers, you HAVE to trust others to do their jobs. :( Will have to call my banker friends in the States and see what advice they have to offer.

I'm SO completely thrilled with the new members of the board we have this year. They are taking their commitments seriously and doing their jobs!! What a load off!

Last week my mom sent me a Good Housekeeping magazine with a post it note saying, "check out page 243." I set it aside intending to get around to it, and kept forgetting about it. Today, I picked it up at lunchtime and finally turned to see what she was talking about. Looked at a whole page of an article about autistic children, wondering, "what??" and thinking maybe someone we knew was mentioned in the article. Checked her note again and realized that I was looking at page 242, not 243. Turned back to page 243, which was a full page advertisement for Good Housekeeping's new line of flooring with the headline, "Suddenly, no amount of money seems too much to spend on a vacuum." And then suddenly realized that the woman in the picture, who is sitting on a sofa with her feet up, smiling and knitting in her very clean, fully carpeted living room is MY COUSIN BETH! WOWOW! How cool!

I'm overdosing on orange rice krispie treats. Somebody save me.
jubilent, accomplished & bloated
mood: jubilent, accomplished & bloated
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I wouldnt worry to much about the Putnam situation. Basically they (as well as several other mutual fund companies) were giving preferential treatment to certain customers by allowing them to trade after the close of the normal trading day. Plus, I believe some of their fund managers may have been doing the same with their personal accounts. It seems like with Putnam a lot of this might have centered on some of their international funds. So although it was bad business, and not a very ethical thing to do, I don't think there is any concern regarding whether your money is actually there. That said, a lot of people have been pulling money out of Putnam funds recently because of the bad publicity. If enough people do that they could be forced to liquadate investments to fund the disbursements which I guess could cause them to sell things when its not the best time to do so, which could I suppose effect the performance of the funds involved. For whats its worth, I have money in several different Putnam funds, and I'm not pulling it out. Several of the other mutual funds have the same issue Putnam does (or similar issues), so I'm not sure pulling it out of Putnam to put elsewhere is going to do you any good (you could pull it out and then the next week the new fund could be in the paper for something they did wrong). I believe its an industry wide issue, which is unfortunate.

I'm a friend of Carrie's btw. I saw your response to one of her entries, and thought the picture of you in the sheet was interesting, so I clicked through to have a look and stumbled upon the putnam entry. I'll leave now!

the picture of me in the sheet? what? what sheet?! *confused*

thanks for the info about Putnam, I really appreciate it. I'm so damn dumb when it comes to that stuff that it makes me really nervous. My mom thought as well that it would probably blow over and just be something to ride out, but at least now I know about it, and can try and keep myself updated.

LOLOL! Okay, Juan, the braincramp is over, and I just realized you must be referring to my userpic! hahahahah!!! It's not me, it's my idealized version of myself :) It's a painting of Autumn by Kamille Corry :)

Yes! your user picture! What other pictures of you in bed are floating around out there, and who have you given them to?

lol! WELL, that's why I was confused!! As far as I know there AREN'T any pictures of me in bed floating around out there at all!! At least not that I'd admit to you! :P

Well, now I am somewhat disappointed. I was trying to have this lingerie contest, but none of my friends would send in their lingerie pictures. So, when I saw the picture of you in the sheet, I thought for sure this is somewhat who would want to participate in an online lingerie contest.

you'll get over it :)

I'm glad for you that the AWC members are good ones. It makes all the difference! :) That is so cool about your cousin too!

Glad you are feeling accomplished. It is always such fun to see someone who is family, in a magazine. *grin* LL got a rice krispie ball at the Amerikanska party. He opened it last night when his grandparents were here and they both wanted one too. He came out to the kitchen and asked me to make more on the spot and was sadly disappointed when I said we lacked the marshmallows. *laugh* Luckily they quickly explained they were teasing. I guess it is about time I made some again. *laugh*

rice krispie treats totally rule! :) I have a hard time sharing them with my kids, LOL!

Sharing? Are you SUPPOSED to share?

Ssssh!!! Don't tell anyone!

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