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I can think of much better ways of spending my birthday than 7 hours of nausea and fever in the car, culminating with a bout of stomach flu. Regardless, now we are back and I am oh so glad to be here. Sweden, even with a thick cloud cover and pouring rain, never looked so good as when we crossed the bridge from Denmark and knew we were nearly home. Although maybe it was partly the comparison with eastern Germany where we spent the weekend that helped.

We left my brother's place on Friday and drove to a little town just south of Berlin, to a hotel in a depressed and apparently abandoned industrial park. It was quite creepy, actually, though the hotel was fine. We spent all day Saturday at Tropical Islands, which was lots of fun. We had to practically drag the kids out of the lagoon at the end of the day...even 12 hours of swimming and playing was not enough for them. It was such a cool place that I, who have not had a swimsuit on in so many years I've lost count, actually went in the pool, too. We had a superb Mongolian Barbeque for dinner at one of the many restaurants under the dome and by evening, both kids had red rings around their eyes from their swim goggles. We highly recommend it for anyone in the area!

Pretty Pretty Poetry-Filled Birthday Wishes to Dana Lynn!
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Happy belated birthday!

Thank you very much!

I, who have not had a swimsuit on in so many years I've lost count, actually went in the pool, too

i suppose now you're going to ruin my fantasy for the evening by saying a) you didn't actually go in the pool NAKED and 2) there's not going to be any pix of it...


oh, and THANK YOU for making my friends page move!

I didn't even have a swimsuit with me, so it was black bra and biker shorts and if I thought there were photos anywhere in existence I would hunt them down and burn them into oblivion! :D

Welcome home! I thought of you yesterday but I'm sorry to hear you spent it feeling like I did a couple of weeks ago. We ate cake in your honor.

Cake! I didn't get any cake! No wonder I felt like shit! I think I shall go bake one right now. That will make me feel better!!


Hej hej och valkomnen!

Glad you are home safe and sound....if not healthy! all better? hope so!

Karin and Martin look so beachy cute at the Tropics!
Can imagine how fun that would have been! I've heard about it before ...maybe at book group? hum...

See you soon!
Carol in Sweden


Feeling nearly back to normal, thank goodness. If you have to get sick, 24-hour bugs are definitely the way to go. See you on Friday, maybe??

Happy belated birthday -- I hope you're back to feeling 100% soon!

What a good picture of the kids, too -- I can't believe how grown-up Karin looks suddenly!

Thank you! I feel nearly back to normal and my birthday cake is in the oven, which ought to help tremendously! :D

Get well!

I feel MUCH better today, thank you :)

If isn't bad enough that you're sick in the summer, that it's on your birthday is a double whammy. I hope you get some belated birthday cake and have paid your dues to the flu gods. Happy birthday (a little late).

The cake is baked (banana supreme!) and will be frosted today. I feel much better :)

Happy belated birthday!

thank you! :)


Happy Birthday!! And thanks for the tip, the tropics look wonderful!

julia @ kolo

It was really a lot of fun! Sorry we didn't make it to Prague this summer, but I'm still hopeful that we'll get there before too much more time passes.


We'll be here, no worries. Sorry about the double comment entry. My computer was being a bit recalcitrant, talking with Live Journal this morning!

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