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As anyone who has been to a Disneyland park knows, the parades are of paramount importance to the kids who stake out places an hour in advance along the parade route, roosting on the curbs and any available surface: benches, garbage cans, parent's shoulders. Eventually the crowd is 3-4 people deep, and during the parade itself, the spectators are constantly shooed back against the edges by perimeter guards, making it impossible for an adult photographer to get a shot of anything but the heads in front of him unless he wants to risk the wrath of the wee set by camping in front of their direct line of sight to Eeyore or Jasmine.

The best way to solve this problem, assuming that you WANT photos of the Disney characters on parade, is to hand over the camera to your kid, who usually, being much shorter, and therefore in the front, has the perfect vantage to capture the excitement. Anders gave his Nikon into Martin's hands and Martin, having quite a lot of familiarity with the camera as he has made several dozen Lego short films, proceeded to shoot the parade.

I thought it was interesting that the most recent characters portrayed in the Parade were from Toy Story 2, which premiered in 1999, nearly 10 years ago. Why they can't get costumes or floats done for more recent films escapes me; in fact, most of the characters in the parade were older than I am. Karin thought the real people dressed up as Disney characters, mostly the princes and princesses, "looked nothing like them" and were pretty stupid, but then she's never been very partial to princesses and the princess float earned her total scorn. Still, it was fun, and VERY colorful. Martin took some fantastic shots, and here are some of the best. Since he took 127 photos just from the parade and most of them were excellent, I will spare you the majority.

I don't know what movie these flower ladies were supposed to be from (Mary Poppins?) but they were lovely and SO colorful.

All photos by Martin Ek
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Wow, he's good!

He really is! All I did was the cropping.


Oh, the parades...they truly are just pure joy for the kids, aren't they? I remember loving them, too.

Martin is SO EXCELLENT as a photographer. What great shots! I'm very impressed.


I don't remember ever watching a Disney parade before, though we might have in California when I was small.

Martin IS excellent :)

It sounds like you all had a tres-wonderful vacation! And I think Martin has a future in photography if he should ever want it. :)

I think so, too :)

LOVE the witch!

She was great! Really expressive and playing up to the kids. Came right up to Martin and did some witchy flirting with him. :)

Martin's a good photographer! Many adults can't take photos this good. Namely waiters at restaurants, bystanders at vacation spots, etc.

Maybe the flower ladies are from one of the Fantasia movies?

I forgot to add that those green army men costumes are really clever.

I thought so, too! They were a highlight.

I was amazed how good his photos were...I think there were only 3 or so that were blurry. The rest were perfectly framed and shot! I did some minor cropping of these, that was it.


Wow, great pictures Martin! Maybe we need a "" :-)

Loved the Toy Story soldiers.


Heh! I'll tell him you said so. :)


Wonderful photos. What a photographer he is. :) Really talented.


Thanks! I'll pass along your praise to him :)

liz, i think you probably have the best children in the entire world.
martin is obviosuly going to be a famous photographer. and karin... well, she will probably break many a girls' heart when she grows up! ;-)

I think you're right on all 3 counts :)


Hi- Rachel and I loved looking at the photos that Martin did. Rachel's favorites are the Flame juggler and the Peter Pan float. I think they are all excellent. I agree he needs to post his photos! Love, Lizardmom

Rachel would probably love all the rest of the Princess float photos! :)

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