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I haven't felt much like writing this week, too much happening at once and feeling very bombarded by lots of things. First week back at work after vacation went well, but I have some friends going through some really hard stuff right now and my heart goes out to them. I wish there was something I could do to help them get through to the other side of suffering and grief, but right now I just seem to be too far away from everyone and everything. Trying to find a peaceful place from which to send comforting energy, it helps to focus on images that evoke a sense of beauty and reflection.

View of Speiden village from across the pasture

Alatsee alpine lake

Ruins of Eisenberg castle

There's no way around sorrow; the only way is through.
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music: The Shins—Phantom Limb

oh my god!

these photos are spectacular!!

I think I need a print of the last one-- it is too wonderful for words-- they all are--


Re: oh my god!

Anders took that last one up at the ruins. It IS marvelous. And that lake was FANTASTIC. We went swimming there. There was a rope swing and it was BEAUTIFUL. No one knows how deep it is apparently, and there are limestone caves under it (filled with water) and also there are rumours that there is Nazi Gold at the bottom of the lake.


That last photo is the perfect illustration of your ending statement. Beautiful! Love, Lizardmom

nice pics!


Okay, we are fellow Blue Poppy fans and I have only been to your site a few times. Tonight I surfed over again and these photos (and those of Paris) have me hooked. Perhaps I was just too envious of someone living in Europe to actually admit I wanted to read their blog. Never again.


You're very welcome and thank you for the kind words! :)

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lizardek's obiter photos

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