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After a busy week like this past week, what I most looked forward to was sleeping in, and when my betraying body stirred regardless, early in the morning and then refused to return to slumber, it was a major inner grumbling that commenced. Strangely, despite staying up past 3 a.m. (late dinner party with the Wonders who didn't leave until after 1, then a compulsion to tidy up the house so that I wouldn't have to face it in the morning, then the self-idiocy in climbing into bed and picking up the book I was 60 or so pages from the end of, despite knowing that I do not ever, have never, don't seem to be capable of, falling asleep while reading, all combined to bring me to the point of stuttering fatigue; and yet, when I awoke, I rose from bed, fed the kids, showered and dressed and began to finish putting the house to rights, and starting weekend chores, ALL WITH A CHEERFUL ATTITUDE. Who is this person and what has she done with Lizardek??

Candley-Frostingy-Balloony-Belated Birthday Wishes to wavebreaker!
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How frightening! Are you sure you're not a Liz-bot?

Do. Not. Know. Does. Not. Compute.

And on top of all that, you remembered my birthday! ;-)


(Anonymous)'s just because you're having company in a couple weeks! Love, Lizardmom

Who is this person and what has she done with Lizardek??

This person will no doubt collapse into a napping slumber this afternoon and give Lizardek back . Oh, probaly right now in fact, owing to the time difference. I'm just beginning my day.

I didn't nap, if you can believe it! I read all damn day and went to the flea market and the plant nursery and potted some plants and made dinner. :)

Reading is good. It's about the best acceptable alternative to a nap, if you've a really good book. Oh, and flea markets and plant nurseries sound divine.

You would laugh if you saw the only plant I came away with. It cost about 1.50 and it's the tinest tiny little sedum ever. :)

Sounds like me at and end of season nursery sale. I came away with a sedum too, for my daughter. It cost me fifty cents.
My room mate however brought home a clematis, yarrow, and three other biggish palnts that I don't know the names of. This after buying me the Daphne I've been longing for just the previous day. And the clematis she got is the one I've been wanting too! So it is hers, but hey, same back yard. At least for now.

that's the Liz I know!!

what are you talking about? That IS you, girl!!


Re: that's the Liz I know!!

Har! You didn't use to know me in my champion sleeping in days! :D I am SO not a morning person.

I can't fall asleep while reading either. EVEN if it's a textbook on the ancient I-don't-care civilization of who-knows-when, just can't do it. Unfortunately, I also can't put down a book before finishing it unless small shrieking children need me specifically. So I just don't read at bedtime. :) Glad you're having a good weekend!

You are smarter than I am, then! :D

Where is lizardek? :)

Here, there, everywhere!

Bet you were pleased as punch because you had done what you wanted to, viz clean up and read up. That is why the morning face.

Or, maybe you just felt sooooo guilty because you had spent time doing something you wanted to, but oughtn't have, that to compensate you had to be extra nice to everyone?

Hmmm. How was the afternoon/evening? That is when the hammer of the sleep god falls on your head.

swati @

Re: Where is lizardek? :)

"hammer of the sleep god" ! Isn't that right on the money! It seems to be hitting harder and harder these days as the darkness closes in.

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