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After a busy week like this past week, what I most looked forward to was sleeping in, and when my betraying body stirred regardless, early in the morning and then refused to return to slumber, it was a major inner grumbling that commenced. Strangely, despite staying up past 3 a.m. (late dinner party with the Wonders who didn't leave until after 1, then a compulsion to tidy up the house so that I wouldn't have to face it in the morning, then the self-idiocy in climbing into bed and picking up the book I was 60 or so pages from the end of, despite knowing that I do not ever, have never, don't seem to be capable of, falling asleep while reading, all combined to bring me to the point of stuttering fatigue; and yet, when I awoke, I rose from bed, fed the kids, showered and dressed and began to finish putting the house to rights, and starting weekend chores, ALL WITH A CHEERFUL ATTITUDE. Who is this person and what has she done with Lizardek??

Candley-Frostingy-Balloony-Belated Birthday Wishes to wavebreaker!
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