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Oh my god, did you see what month it is?? It's SEPTEMBER. September already! How did that happen? Where does the time GO??
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I KNOW! Scary isn't it??


It gave me a fright!


I'm still in denial. The summer can't be over, it never even got really hot here!

julia @ kolo

It never got hot here either...even though I had the fans out, they were only on once or twice.

My dad told me today he had seen pepernoten at the grocery store already. This a type of candy/cookie that belongs with Sinterklaas. (Oh wait you have lived here so prolly know exactly what they are?:)). Now I understand the stores carrying them a bit prior to december 5th, but damn 3 months is a bit overdone !!! I am NOT buying them until halfway November, which is when Sinterklaas should be arriving from Spain heh.

Mmmm...pepernoten! And now I'm also kraving speculaas. :D

The normal speculaas cookies are available year round. The thicker version as well as the filled speculaas only around Sinterklaas. Want me to mail you some? :)

Heh! That's okay. The last thing I need is cookies. It's coming up on cookie season and I'll have a hard enough time as it is without adding speculaas!

It runs off to find greener pastures. September, indeed.

That ratfink Time! Why can't it take us with it? ...oh wait. It does.


Yep. Just wait - the Valentine's stuff will be out next month (Christmas stuff was out three months ago). PS - I was just listening to Ray of Light this morning in the shower - I've noted your music tastes are similar to mine!


I have so many million CDs that rarely get listened to that I've decided to start rotating them :)


Um ... preaching to the choir - 1100 and counting. Going to have to get the 120GB iPod soon - the 80GB is filling up fast!


I know!!! My husband informed me last night, with a twinkle in his eye, that soon we'd be able to buy lebkuchen at the stores again. (That's Christmas stuff!!!) LOL!

"It's SEPTEMBER. September already!"

Tha'd be OK if it would stay Spetember for a month or so. (*heehe) It's already the 5th!!! Eek..


Zippity Zooooom~

It went THATTA way!

I can't believe summer's over too. It's a little depressing seeing it get dark out earlier and earlier. I do love fall though, so I can't complain too much.

I know. Autumn has always been my favorite season, but honestly after 11.5 years in Sweden, it gets harder and harder every time the darkness starts closing in.

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