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Some people may not believe this, but one of the few things that I really dislike about our new house is the dishwasher. Not just because it doesn't do a good job (or as good a job as I would do), or because something is wrong with it and it has to be re-started several times during the wash cycle, but because IT'S THERE. It's taken away one of my guilty pleasures: washing dishes. Oh, I admit it's nice to have it the morning after a big dinner party, but otherwise, on a daily business, I miss my suds. There's something purely therapeutic for me in handwashing dishes, and besides that, I'm good at it. I can remember my mom plunking my freshly washed attempts back into the dishpan, when I was a resentful 16-year-old, telling me to do them over and make the water hotter, this time!

When I was in high school, I was in 3 different choirs, and I used to practice, singing over the dishes while I washed them. I don't do that nowadays on the rare occasions when I get to handwash dishes, but I think about it, and the melodies are flowing in my head. :)

Strange what household chores some people find soothing, and some find purely "pest," as they say in Swedish. Besides washing dishes, I like folding laundry and picking up and vacuuming. I don't mind dusting or even cleaning the bathrooms, but the dirtspots on the floor have to be threatening to mutate before I'll mop. I HATE mopping.

Speaking of pleasures, I've been on a Festis kick lately. After being introduced to their Dandelion Apple juice by Angie, I couldn't resist trying every flavor, and now regularly spend a small fortune on bottles of the aforementioned DA, Dragonfruit (!) Pear, Strawberry Grapefruit and Cactus Lime. Orange is too common for me to bother with, and Cassis isn't a favorite. They also have a toxic-looking neon blue variant (Blueberry Lemon) which I find disgusting, but which my children delight in. Probably the blue tongues. Note to Festis manufacturers: 2-liter bottles would make me VERY happy. :)

All the photos, including those from yesterday's beach outing, are now edited and the pages are finished. I just have to write the "What's New" letter and then I can update our website. Dilemma: wait for the pictures due on Friday from the disposable camera we were forced to buy during vacation when the digital pooped out or go ahead if ready tomorrow?
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What is dragonfruit, anyway?

Good God, Gale, what or who is that userpic!? It made me snort out loud with laughter!! Hang on, and I'll find out, if possible, what dragonfruit is :)

Dragonfruit is a tropical fruit found mostly in asia although it is now being grown in less tropical countries such as Australia. Dragonfruit is a suprising fruit as what you see outside is not what you imagine the inside to be. Delicious and fresh on the palate, it is wonderful either fresh or in a milkshake. Dragonfruit is the fruit of a cactus. picture

That's Vince from Rex the Runt. If you haven't seen Rex the Runt, it is well worth watching. It's Aardman Animation, same as Wallace & Gromit.

Thanks for the link! Been watching films all morning. :) I love Aardman Animation, but I'm so out of it! I feel I'm living in a total cultural quagmire (Reason #58 Why Not to Have Kids, haha!)

*snort* Well, I also have it on DVD, so if you want to borrow it, let me know.

And you think YOUR user pic looks like you? *laugh* But I agree, that galestorm's new one is a riot!

I sometimes get confused when people switch their user pics and I do a double-take when I think that Sean Connery left a comment at my lj! Yes, I'm just a bit thick at times. And I'm not computer literate enough to be able to do anything clever with my user pic. It took me DAYS to figure out how to upload it, so I'm not about to change it!

I concur with the "Joys of Dishwashing". I always handwash the dishes and do a lot of both planning and unwinding as I "dish" (as they say here in Sweden). I find it amazingly therapeutic (but of course, I'm slightly strange!). I also like to handwash clothes, and in Australia, I regularly did the washing at 2am if I couldn't sleep.

L-G thought I was nuts to WANT to handwash the dishes, but I persisted and in fact we sold our dishwasher before we moved from Stockholm to here because I simply never used it.

I've never tried Festis drinks. They look a bit too "chemical" looking or something for my taste. There was one blue one that looks just like "Blue Loo" toilet cleaner! Hmm, I wish I hadn't thought of that, now I feel a tad queasy...

Ha! That's the one my kids love!! I just read something recently about the reason why foods are never blue: it signals inedible or poison. I like your userpic, you look so friendly! :)

Ditto to retiring the automatic dishwasher. When we moved in February I asked Ken to put it in storage. I just like the feeling of getting dishes done and putting them away after. Swedeheart thinks it's a weird American fetish. I just remind him that we're not all alike ;) Nice to meet you and wishing you a belated Happy Birthday!

Thanks! :) I guess I'm getting used to the dishwasher, but it is definitely a grudging acceptance.


Personally- I don't remember you washing dishes at the age of 16- oh wait, that's when we lived in Europe- so ok! I guess you did. I just rmemember that we got a dishwasher for the first time when you were about 4 - and we got tired of the same cold being passed around continuously! I thought it was the BEST thing! But then everything about house cleaning could use a machine (that I don't have to do anything but push a button) as far as I'm concerned! MOM

The dishwasher

Just because it's there doesn't mean you have to use it. Tee hee hee. I don't know how this works but I hope you get this. I don't mean to be anonymous....but I don't have another choice. Can you guess or will something give it away???

Re: The dishwasher

I'm guessing Sarah, but not too sure actually, as you could be any number of people. :) Even if you have to sign in as Anonymous, you can sign your entry, that way I'll know who you are! :)


no it was not Sarah I have been to ill to read your journal since my first entry but added one to the 8th I think. But I do think you are nuts for enjoying the dihes. I only want to them so Tom has to take the kids and I can be alone for a few but to "like" it OH NO I agree with Mom push a button and its done is the best. Sarah

The anonymous one

Lizard, It's Val!!!! I thought that...well, I don't know what I thought. I made the dishwasher comment a few days back. Sorry about not leaving my name. Oops!!

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