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What's your idea of a perfect weekend?

Going away somewhere, away from the daily routine or the familiar surroundings and taking in new sights, new surroundings, new experiences? It certainly has its attractions: the chance to get away, if only for a couple of days.

Or staying home and making plans: having friends over for pizza, or throwing a dinner party or filling the days with activities and errands that you never otherwise have time to do during the regular hamster-wheel of your week?

Or, even better, staying home and just enjoying yourself with no definitive plans? Sleeping in, doing some cleaning perhaps, having a family night with Mike Rowe, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage and an indecently large bowl of popcorn. Spending Saturday watching the blue sky and the kids bouncing on the trampoline. Vacuuming the whole house and dusting with lemon Pledge. Folding freshly-washed, sweet-smelling laundry. Buying great big globe artichokes and new potatoes to make for Sunday dinner.


We went to see Wall·E last night; it was showing in English, though since the real dialogue didn't begin until 45 minutes into the movie, it almost wouldn't have made any difference if we'd seen it in Swedish. Most of the movie's dialogue consisted of the 2 robots saying each other's name with heart-felt conviction. Pixar is a force of nature. I really think their films are brilliant and consistently of the highest quality in storytelling. We raced through a delicious sushi dinner beforehand because we ran out of time and I really wish that we'd had more time to savor it.

Our favorite sushi place in Malmö completely overhauled their menu about a month ago, nearly crushing us with disappointment. We used to be able to eat there for under 600 kronor and with the new menu the bill was quite a bit more. :( We haven't found any other sushi place in Malmö or Lund that equals the lower prices, so it looks as if we're doomed to eating sushi much less frequently as a family, at least until the kids get jobs and help pay for their ravenous sushi habits! :P


Several times in the past however-many-years I have attempted to locate Siberian cat breeders in the southern part of Sweden, with no luck. Siberian cats are supposedly the best bet for people who have cat allergies because they are missing the enzyme in their blood that causes most people to react. It's been hard to be a pet-less (except for fish) home, especially with 2 kids who love animals and have a much harder time accepting the fact that with Anders' asthma triggered by both cats and dogs we just can't take a risk. We know that there is no guarantee that even the Siberian breed won't cause a reaction, but I figured it was worth a shot, IF we could find a breeder near us and IF the breeder was willing to let us borrow a cat for a couple of weeks to test.

Up until now, all of the breeders in Sweden have been located WAY far up north, but I did some searching again a few weeks ago and lo and behold, there are 2 breeders in the area now! One in Lund and one in Teckomatorp! I emailed them both to get more information and ask about the possibilities of cat-sitting.

One of them emailed me back saying that, unfortunately, she also raises Maine Coons so it wouldn't be possible for us to visit or do any allergy-testing with her cats since both Anders and I would be sure to react to them since the 2 breeds share living space. The other called and left a message with her phone number and I called her back today, and YES they have a lovely social male cat that has no problem with strangers or strange places, who has been a guinea pig for other people with cat allergies and YES we'd be more than welcome to borrow him for a couple of weeks!!

Anders is understandably wary of the experiment, and rightly so, since even if he doesn't react during the couple of weeks we have a borrowed cat, it's no guarantee that he won't start reacting a year or so down the line, but I think it's worth the risk. If he does start reacting, of course, we'd have no choice but to make him sleep in the garage return the cat to the breeder or find it a new home, and that would suck and be really hard, for all of us, but I still think it's worth trying to see if there's any possibility we can have a cat again. I've really missed having cats, even with the litterbox-changing and scratching and hairballs. Since my mom is coming this week and Anders will be away on a business trip the last 2 weeks of September, I told the lady we'd call in early October to make arrangements and she was fine with that, so I'll be asking you all then to KEEP YOUR FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED OR YOUR THUMBS HELD!

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: For the Record

Big Basketfuls of Birthday Wishes to nancytoday and a Bonus Bouquet of Belated ones to e11en!
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Ideal weekend: proof that we are pals - I was also mentally composing this entry today, after an ideal weekend that included lots of down time with me horizontal on the sofa, my new laptop on my tummy, and a new game to play on it. We also saw two movies and ate a truly bad great fried stuff dinner last night. Plus a trip to my favorite store, Bo Ohlssons in Tomelilla where we never leave for under 500 kronor.

Sushi places: there's a place on Spångatan, just across the way from Triangeln that has a great dagens at lunchtime. I'll make a note of the name of the place and check out the dinner prices and menu for you next time I'm there. I'll be in Stockholm most of next week, so it might be the week after that.

Cat: definitely holding my thumbs for you!!

Across from Triangeln? By the fountain somewhere? Oo oo! let me know!

Also, don't know if you heard, but Saluhallen is cleared out, all the restaurants inside are gone, they are turning it into a HOTEL. When I talked to the bakery people, they didn't know yet if they were going to be leaving, too. SUshi Ya is gone, they had a sign up that they had moved, but we couldn't find the street on the maps :(

The Cat

Oh yes... when I was in Sweden I tired to find a Siberian Cat as my husband has allergies. They were just too expensive and Andy just wouldn't hear of spending that much on a cat.

My sister and her husband had one. He has severe asthma and allergies and all sorts of things with his breathing. The cat would sleep above his head at night and there was no problem! The cat was great in personality as well.

Let me know how it works out. My fingers are crossed for you guys!


Re: The Cat

Well, I figure if Anders can have an expensive hobby (motorcycle) then there can't be any objection to spending on a cat, right >:P

Thanks for the encouragement! :)

any weekend when i can't go back to bed after breakfast and sleep utnil noon is not worth calling a weekend. this one came witn an additional crayfish party with old friends and a visit from my dear nephew. that's about my limit for social interacting on weekends. not counting jamie and adam, of course! :-)

i am holding everything i can for your cat adventure. if you do get it, please invite me over so i can test my allergies on it too!

Thanks!! You'd be very welcome to come over when we have the cat. I'll be posting about it as soon as things are confirmed, I'm sure :)

too many purrfect weekend choices

Oh finally, a link to really good writing at the same time I am actually reading (as opposed to perusing) my FL and might make time to go to the link. In the past I have really enjoyed your links. You do the screening for me! I should pay you!

Perfect weekend.

Oh my. This so depends on how the week went. No kidding. If there was much running hither and yon, errands in the world and practically living in the car, or if there was a lot of people, people, people, then my perfect weekend would be quiet time at home alone~ hopefully without housework. In the spring, early fall, or summer I might want to spend a large portion of it with my fingers in the dirt. On a rainy day I would definitely want to be snuggled on my bed with a good book and a cup of warm liquid close at hand.

At another time, probably after a week of much aloneness and quiet, or feeling energetic, I would want a variety of interaction with friends. Yes, friends, friends, friends! Maybe a game night. Going to yardsales with a buddy. Cooking for the masses. The farmers market and good music. A women's gathering at my house.

Or the coast. Oh, the coast. I was invited this weekend, but the loathsome toe keeps me from both that, the Eugene Celebration, and the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire. insert sad face. AH well, but there is the garden, if I balance my toe just so. And there is the berry cobbler in the kitchen. And there is the stack of good books and the hammock. And there is the telephone, the teapot, and the phone list of friends.


On the cat:
Hipp Hippity Hurray for choices and options. Toes and fingers crossed (well not the pinky toe on the right foot) And good luck. I hope it works for you.
You know, I have reactions to some cats and have to be very careful of dander. That is why kitties are not allowed in my room, we have an air filter in the living room, and I wash my hands after a petting session. I also seldom hold them on my lap anymore and if I do I don’t pet, I just skritch under the chin or between the ears.
The dander of our calico kitty, Callie (Calla Lily) can bother me, particularly in the spring for some reason, when she seems to drop a lot of fur on the hallway rug. My houseymate, Chava, vacuums a lot during that time, while I retreat to my cat~free room. There are also two Cat free chairs in the living room. We keep them piled with pillows when they are empty of bodies. My long time platonic brother~like friend, Jim, who comes over weekly for dinner, is pretty allergic to cats and although he loves them, he rarely touches them and sometimes does OK here, and other times he sneezes up a storm and turns red. Sometimes, when Callie is feeling attention deprived I have to put her out in the garage and shut the kitty door when Jim is here because she will not stop attempts to rub up against our legs at the dinner table, but more often she just says hello to him and then acts aloof.

Re: too many purrfect weekend choices

That toe is sure giving you a hard time! I hope it's healing. :(

It might end up that the cat becomes partly an outdoor cat, if that helps, though I'm against it, and if we have to spend a lot of money to acquire one, that will make me less inclined to risk it outside.

Coasts ARE lovely, aren't they? Especially the Oregon coast!

Re: too many purrfect weekend choices

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

I'll cross my toes for ya, but only if you post pictures of the Siberian cat!!

You know I will! :D therapy. Nothing beats it!

Though I'd recommend a toy poodle - very good for people with allergies, about the size of a cat and something Karin would enjoy taking for walks. Though they can be little princesses....

My ideal weekend would be spent huddled under the quilt on the sofa, with lots of tea and hot buttered crumpets (the edible kind, rather than the Colin Firth kind...though, buttered Colin Firth sounds a lot better!)

*furiously fans self*

Now where was I?

On yes, tea, crumpets, a good book, a dog curled up beside me and being 200 points ahead of Liz at Scrabulous

200! you dreamer. 100 on a good day. When you were LUCKY.

And that books looks really interesting! Thanks for the rec. :)

I almost made a horrible comment involving both cats and sushi; you should be glad I refrained. :) It's probably just that I'm horrifically allergic to cats. The last time we went to a dinner party at a friend's house (who had two cats), the other guests thought I was weeping uncontrollably throughout the meal. The hostess ended up giving me some makeup remover, so I spent the rest of the evening with puffy, red, teary, makeup-less eyes. Good impression, eh?
I hope the Siberian breed works out for you though! (And if it does, let me know!)

I will! I hope it works for us, too. I really miss having cats! :)

I'm allergic, too, with the itchy eyes and sneezing, but not as bad as you sound. However, it might be worse now, since my allergies have increased (to birch) since living in Sweden, and I haven't had them around for 10 years. :(

hope you get to keep your kitty! Can't wait to hear all about it

Well, this first test in October will just be a loaner-cat :) If it works, we would consider getting one of our own, so we'll see how it goes! I'm a little worried about getting my hopes up too much!!


Oh wouldn't that be great if it worked with the cat!! I don't know what I would do if I ever became allergic to cats. Or dogs. That just can't happen because I don't know how I could live with that! :(

Speaking of cats, I am working on the Ceasar video - but oh my god it gives me trouble! I never thought a simple slideshow thing would be so difficult!


:) I haven't played around with video editing at all, so I can imagine it's not so easy!

I've been allergic to cats since I was in my 20s at least, even though I grew up with them. took a lot of medicine when I still lived in the States when I had my cats, but it wasn't asthma. Can't mess around with not being able to breathe.

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes! I ate in Malmo once! It was on the corner of the main open square in the town center. I liked eating there.

I hope you are getting a nice break from the routine!


Oh I hope you can keep the cat! Life is so much better with animals around. And as far as a perfect weekend ... Squam Lake! It was summer camp and all that!


A favorite day = take a chilly blue sky morning and spend with daughter shopping for school clothes. Walk across town with daughter promenading with delight in new boots and swinging fall colored dress to brunch with great friends. Laugh all the way through meal, then stroll by the river with a horde of children to gather early chestnuts and dance about with their accompanying leaves before heading home for a brief rest. Following break, hike through park to spring rolls with more friends. Add coffee and a deliciously edible baby for the perfect complements to the day. End day with song.

Holding thumbs for your cat experiment!

julia @ kolokolo

What a perfectly lovely weekend picture you painted! :D

For a short while I considered killing some hours on Sunday afternoon by watching Wall-E, but I figured it may be dubbed into Spanish with Portuguese subtitles which would make it hard for me to understand. At least the cinema in the Portoguese shopping center I visited was inexpensive: 5.50 Euros for adults.

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